A Southern Route Across The Prairies

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    I've done this entire route, some sections several times. This route follows the border, skirts around the Grasslands Nat'l Park, and follows the Frenchman River Valley towards Cypress Hills. There's lots of pavement, but also long (but good) gravel sections too. Slabbing it TC-1 and AB-3 west is 1,470 kms, and this route along secondary roads only adds another 380 kms (route is 1,850), and takes you thru some beautiful country:
    - the Sandilands in SE Manitoba;
    - crosses the Pembina Valley (3 times) in the Pembina Hills region of southern Manitoba;
    - skirts Turtle Mountain Provincial Park (good camping at Max Lake there);
    - takes you thru the Big Muddy Valley (check out Big Beaver and Castle Butte!);
    - routes around the Grasslands Nat'l Park (suggest taking the "Ecotour" thru the Park West Block);
    - Cypress Hills (one of my favorite spots on the prairies!)... check out the Gap Road, and Fort Walsh there;
    - AB-501 takes you past Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park; and on to...
    - Waterton Nat'l Park and the Rockies.

    I've got this track ending at Coleman Alberta, where you can connect up with the Forestry Trunk Road (FTR). Helluva nice route. Let me know if there's any issues with the track file.

    This RR covers much of the route: http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/the-border-commission-redcoat-trails.985540/

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