A Transalp and a Strom in Australia

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    Grafton, NSW. Australia
    Here's my first attempt at a "ride report".
    Myself on a Honda Transalp and a mate riding a Vstrom.
    The ride began at Grafton, northern New South Wales. We followed the Clarence Way, this is a good gravel back road with some smoothe twisting tar near the end. This is a narrow road running through farming and forestry properties, so some care needs to be taken. you never know where a log truck could be lurking!
    Had a quick look at the old wooden bridge over the Clarence River at Tabulam then headed west along the tar until Drake, before turning onto the Rocky River Rd. this trip was just after major flooding and most of the roads had not yet been repaired. Rocky River Rd is a gravel road that goes through farms while following a small river for part of it's length. The day we were here, it had been reduced to a washed out, rutted goat track! On more than one occasion I crested a rise to find the road been washed away! Ended up with a bent front rim and the mates Strom blew a fork seal. Half way along, we came to a sign posted intersection that almost had us heading to a dead end in a forest somewhere. Took us about 10 minutes to realize some clown had turned the sign around!
    Found a top spot to have lunch just before Tenterfield. Nice rest area next to a dam.
    Took the New England Hwy south, turned towards Grafton at Dundee, just before Glen Innes. Found a top dirt road, Morven Rd, fast gravel, narrow wooden bridges, a little sand, cattle grids as well as the cattle, brilliant! And pretty good scenery as well.
    On to the Gwydir Hwy at Glen Elgin, then tarred it to back to Grafton via the Gibraltar Ranges, a World Heritage national park. There are some magic camping areas in this park, but stay away in winter unless you enjoy freezing. The road from the top of the ranges down into the Clarence Valley includes fast sweepers, loose gravel from road works and a couple of k's of hairpin turns! As long as you don't run into slow traffic, it's brilliant. Oh, and try to slow down enough to check out the views.
    All up, we had a top day. Even the rain stayed away. Both bikes were well suited to the roads and were comfortable enough to have us planning our next ride when we arrived home.
    More pics http://willows10.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Tenterfield-Ride/17481059_Dxgp99[​IMG]

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    G'day Willows.

    Good course you took. Rocky River Rd has some pretty spots, when you're not dodging big holes.

    I checked out your other photos.

    Tx for posting.