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Discussion in 'Vendors' started by RiDR, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. RiDR

    RiDR The Himalayan what?

    Mar 22, 2007
    I got sucked in at the TO Motorcycle show mid December and went to A Vicious Cycle in New Dundee, Ont. the following weekend to pick up some Motech Racks, Aluminum Trax Panniers and included dry bags as part of the bike show deal.
    I paid the full amount and was given a couple of open boxes with the panniers in them and no packaging, and one of the panniers had a 1/2" chunk taken out of the powdercoat lid exactly where your boot would go if you weren't careful dismounting your bike, and I didn't think I should have to take the pannier.
    I call a few weeks later and am told that an order has been placed but that a driver is late.
    I call a month later and someone else tells me they can only order in quantity and that my order will be placed today.
    Two months goes by and I finally go to pick up the pannier but it is dented and scratched to shit.
    I'm told that i'm going to dent the panniers anyway and the whole experience was me being ostracized for wanting something undamaged when I paid over a grand for new.
    I am told that another claim for damage has been put in with no time frame for when the pannier will arrive and that they are crossing their fingers hoping for something undamaged to arrive :huh and they kept blaming their distributor Twisted Throttle for sending them damaged product.
    I wait another month and am still getting the run around so go to their shop for a refund and have the person at the counter roll their eyes at me telling me that some people are impossible to please because all I want is a pannier without a dent in it, and that I received a great deal even though I'm on the third round trip of 220Km to their shop.
    I'm then accused of not paying thirty dollars owing but luckily had a receipt.
    They then try to charge me a restock fee if I return everything back so I only ask for a refund of the one pannier that wasn't delivered and am offered a personal check, would you allow me to make payment using my personal check? :huh
    They give me a postage bag and tell me to send them back the locks and carry handles which I initially wanted to purchase but had thrown in.
    I gladly obliged with their promise in an email to send me the dry bag after I had returned these items, so as I see it we're going on four months waiting for a dry bag which I'll probably never see.
    I took my business to Dual Sport Plus in Stoney Creek, On and received a right side pannier in a box and packaged with no dents, scratches, gouges, and I should have went there first, quick purchase - no drama. :D
    I understand if there's a problem with a distributor but in this case the product wasn't even packaged so I doubt Twisted Throttle has anything to do with the crap A Vicious Cycle is trying to pawn off on their customers, and even so, the dirty tactics employed by A Vicious Cycle is something THEY choose to do and they'd be well served to take a lesson from their competitors. That's all I have to say.
  2. backroadsandbeyond

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    Jul 15, 2006
    new westminster
    Yep, Im not going into it but I agree that Dual sport plus is the place to go. Two thumbs down for the other Vendor
  3. Country Doc

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    Dec 15, 2006
    somwhere north of Kingston, Ontario
    I agree. I had two very poor experiences with the named vendor and would stay away in the future. My experience wasn't quite as bad as this story, but still...

    I haven't tried dualsportplus but have heard many great things on this forum.


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    Jan 16, 2007
    West of Sin City!
    Thanks for the heads up cause I WAS going to deal with them but now won't...A lot of us on RidetheRock.com have dealt with them but I will pass this along to the boys...Sorry to hear about your experience...The nerve of asking for a perfect unmarked pannier.:lol3 I would have kept the extras just the same to throw it back at them or at least make them wait. Did you contact Twisted Throttle and inform them of your experience?
  5. GB

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    Aug 16, 2002
    A year or so ago I tried to order a few things from them but they did not seem interested in my business, so I went to www.dualsportplus.com and received my order promptly. I voted with my $$.
  6. wonderings

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Kitchener, Ontario
    I had just heard of A Vicious Cycle last week, living only 20 mins from New Dundee I was going to stop by and take a look around. Not planning on it anymore, its a nicer ride to Dual Sport Plus anyways and they have been great there, in the little I have dealt with them.
  7. Deadly99

    Deadly99 Fast and Far

    Apr 8, 2008
    Merrickville, Canada
    I have a long winded story of while I will never deal with them as well. Very unprofessional service.
  8. Mr. Canoehead

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    Apr 16, 2007
    Calgary, Too far to the mountains and too cold
    As a small business owner, it always amazes me that a vendor will spend $$$ to attend a show and then blow it when they get business from the show. :huh

    You should call the owner (not the asshat at the counter) and discuss it with him/her. If it were my business, I would want to hear about it.
  9. kelsow

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    Feb 29, 2004
    Halifax Nova Scotia
    I can't believe what I am reading. I don't doubt what the OP has said but I find it hard to believe.
    I and many of my friends have dealt with Eric @ AVC on many occasions and have been 100% satisfied with his knowledge, his product, shipping and pricing.
    There must be something going on behind the scenes for this to happen.
    Oddly enough I have dealt with Les at DSP and was less than impressed and have not been back.

    My .02c
  10. TREE

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    Jan 17, 2002
    Nova Scotia
    Always had fast service, good tracking and good product/prices.
    I will go back again........ my .02
  11. kahoon

    kahoon who's yer daddy??

    Jun 29, 2006
    Toronto, CANADA
    i'll add my voice to the collective. had one good experience with Eric, and the next two were horrific. NEVER again will i ever buy anything over there again!

    Les @ dualsportplus is the way to go :thumb
  12. Drif10

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    Jun 12, 2003
    Gates of Moscow
    I wouldn't be so quick to canonize DSP, all is not roses there.
  13. shipwrek12001

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    Nov 28, 2007
    I have worked in a similar business for years, it is impossible to please everyone all the time. With a big ticket item and dealing with a parts store, I'd deal with the owner of any business. avc or dsp. This way they do an extras effort to please you.
    I have fully farkled 3 drz400 with Eric. He has been good, even with our returns. No issues. Never had dealing with DSP
    it is unfortunate there is some bad but with every bad there is some good.
  14. Vector_In

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    Feb 13, 2008
    Kitchener, Ontario
    I've dealt with AVC I have nothing bad to say! All my stuff I've order was on time and good in shape. And very nice group of people there!:thumb
  15. Pshrynk

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    Apr 12, 2008
    I'm in Canuckia too and I just deal directly with Twisted Throttle -- excellent customer service.
  16. RiDR

    RiDR The Himalayan what?

    Mar 22, 2007
    Six months later and still no dry bag as promised in Erics email if I returned the locks and carry handles.
  17. Orujo

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    Jan 5, 2010
    Wicklow, Ireland
    I was just about to also post some negative feedback about aviciouscycle.
    Unfortunately this thread was not here back in January, if it was I would never have had the misfortune of dealing with them.
    In late 2009 I was doing some research for a larger tank for my KLR650 (this was the C-model and the stock tank was less than 14 liters.
    After a couple of emails I was happy with these guys and I did not find any major negative feedback about them on the net.
    To get the best value from a shipment to Ireland I also included another few bits in the order, foot-pegs, service manual e.t.c. But the main items that I needed were the oversized tank and the dohickey upgrade for the KLR balancer tensioner.

    I spoke directly to Eric and told him that I was planning a trip in 3 months and I really needed this stuff delivered on time. He assured me they were very experienced at overseas shipping and had even shipped stuff to Australia (big fuc8ing deal).
    He would use some system that used up extra space on passenger airlines and they would be able to deliver to Ireland in two weeks.
    I was sold. I went ahead and placed the order. But was surprised when I received no shipping tracking details. After two weeks when nothing had showed up I phoned them. Eric then said actually the shipping could take between two and five weeks so I should hang on.
    Close to 5 weeks gone and getting very close to my departure date there was still no sign of the stuff.
    After some debate they acknowledge that the package was lost and they would file an insurance claim and send me a new delivery.
    It was very strange that they had no tracking numbers do, did it get lost on the way from their shop to the airport? People in the shipping industry told me it is impossible to make a claim without the shipping number.
    So I had to sit back and wait another two weeks. I didn't know which worried me more the tank or the dohickey.
    Eventually my goods arrived and after clearing Irish customs (another long story about getting ripped off) I got my box.
    I had another few days waiting for my workshop to get me a slot and then finally my KLR was ready for a trip to Morocco. I got the bike back from the workshop on Wednesday and left for Morocco two days later. Due to work commitments I had no time to test the bike, the new tank range or the work done on the engine. Luckily the lads in the Gem workshop in Ranalagh ((01)4914520 Dublin) had done an excellent job and there were no issues. (Apart from nearly running out of gas on the ring road around Madrid when I overestimated the tank range by not taking into account the severe head wind I had since leaving Santander).

    To summaries, the lack of professionalism and general couldn't care less attitude from aviciouscycle nearly put a serious damper on my trip and lead to a whole lot of unnecessary stress.
    I would not recommend them, especial not for overseas shipping.
  18. paulyp

    paulyp n00b

    Feb 1, 2010
    I tried to order a front sprocket for my wife's xt225. They couldn't have been bothered to even return my call. Obviously a $16 part was not worth their time. They didn't realize I have other bikes in the stable I want to accessorize.
    Never been back.

  19. Revelstoker

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    Apr 11, 2007
    Revelstoke, BC
    Ordered some Mefo StoneMaster's for the 640 in a size that A Vicious Cycle doesn't stock. Eric did a special order for me. Other than taking a few weeks, which wasn't Eric's fault, I was happy with the experience. Just thought I'd pipe in as I feel that it's usually just the people whom have a poor experience that post making it seem that the business in question is a complete disaster...not to discount anyone's negative experience though as I wouldn't doubt the validity of their posts.
  20. tingavert

    tingavert Adventurer

    May 21, 2010
    My short experience with avicious.
    I need 2 sets of tires for my ktm 990 adv. the TKC80 and the Scorpion so living in Toronto I thought I could save shipping going there. Well I drive for 1.5 hrs and got to Kitchener willing to spend $$$. The guy is very friendly and I ask for a quote and for a discount or free shipping since I am buying a lot of tires and he confirm he could work around the price then he start looking at an expensive apple monitor (so you make good money eh?) and he start with an "oh the mrsp is 300$ for this rear but I'm selling to 180 just for you" Hey what a minute that's they price on your website. So he was just joking no matter if you are going to buy 1 or 4 tires there is no discount.
    Well one could argue that this is the canadian businnes and if this is the case why should I shop here, I'll go south where there is competition on prices or better prices are normal.
    So the quote was 640$ plus shipping (about 50) of a set of tires to QC for my Translabrador. No way to get even free shipping.
    So keep in mind that the prices are without shipping and that adding hst and tire levy it's better to go south.
    Anyway I was there and spent my valuable time and gas so it was pretty stupid coming back with nothing, so I bought the scorpion (300$) and asked for an accurate quote on the other including shipping and holding the parcel at the post office.
    Well my surpise was when I got back home and checked the tires:
    the rear was the correct v rated but the front was S rated!
    WOW he FU...D me!
    And I have also paid 20$$ more of what I should.
    Now I immediately wrote an email asking for a refund since it would have cost me more in gas to go back and change the tire, now you wonder how I could proof that he sold me the wrong tire.
    Simple: you know that tires comes with a stickers that has bar code sizes on it, well he quickly removed that from the tire when he dropped them in ffront of me, leaving the one onthe correct tire. Now that was really suspicious but I could not believe that a person could be so stupid: for 20$ not only you lost a customer and the earnings on the other set of tires but you'll get also bad reputation.
    I ahve asked for a refund on my credit card but nothing till today.
    Anyway that was the cherry on the cake.
    I hope him all the best.