A writer's road trip

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    Mar 7, 2011
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    The Plan: Go on a road trip and finish my novel

    Possible location(s) of interest:
    ⁃ Nova Scotia
    ⁃ Vermont
    ⁃ New Hampshire
    ⁃ Quebec
    ⁃ Virginia
    ⁃ Colorado
    ⁃ Utah
    ⁃ The middle of no where!
    The Arrangements:
    ⁃ Camping?
    ⁃ Power restrictionsÂ…
    ⁃ Tent Space thread ADV
    ⁃ Cabin
    ⁃ AFVC rental?
    The Time Frame:
    ⁃ 10 days to four weeks, sometime after May 24th, 2013.

    The Details:

    I am about 104,000 words into my novel, and about 1/3 of the way through initial edits. I am coming up on some well-deserved time off at the end of May and would like to take to the road and find a quiet place to wrap up this project.

    I have some vague ideas, but if anyone knows of a rustic cabin someplace far, far away from civilization, I would love to hear of it. I am trying to avoid the resorts and touristy areas as much as possible.

    The trip to and from should be a nice time for some creative inspiration as well... unless I end up writing in Kansas. :lol3 Mountains are the name of the game for me, which is no small feat considering I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida!

    Thanks for the suggestions.