A Yank with a Spare Day in Brisbane

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    Apr 6, 2006
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    This isn't a very comprehensive ride report - more of a placeholder for a couple of photos.

    Todd-Squad is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but found himself with a spare day in Brisbane, and a rental bike. He hollered out for some suggestions in the Aussie forum at short notice (~ 12 hrs).

    Luckily I could get a leave pass in the time frame. and volunteered to show him a couple of roads that could fit into his tight timeframe to return the rental.

    The day started by picking Todd up at his CBD hotel in my wife's car, and taking him across town to collect his rental. A quick check of the bike, a DL650, and a tighten of the chain, then it was off to collect my DR650, with Todd following the car. While I was getting my DR on to the street, he made a slight adjustment to the bar angle. Apart from those adjustments, I believe the bike went well on what was a very hot day.

    The day ended up like so:

    Up to Mount Glorious for the first drink break of the day:


    A break at Somerset Dam:


    Had lunch at Kilcoy bakery, where the yank wolfed into a meat pie with gusto. Then up Monsildale Road, to Jimna - driest I've seen it in summer.

    Todd's like 95% of the ADV population - likes to ride faster than me. Easily fixed, as there were long legs with no navigational options, so just put him in front and played followed the leader - seemed to work, but most photos are just of his dust:


    I got closer from time to time:


    We got up close to the Jimna fire Tower - the sun was fierce today - almost 35 deg C (a bit warmer than Salt Lake City:


    Some 400 km later, and we managed to drop the rental bike off, almost on the dot of the nominated return time - an accomplishment, given my general tendency to run late.

    A great ride.
  2. johnno950

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    Jul 17, 2010
    Top work g/f ,old mate got a nice ride through some fantastic trails/scenery!
  3. Happy Snapper

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    Feb 14, 2009
    Brisbane, almost heaven!
    Well done Gosefeather!
  4. havafati

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    Jul 28, 2009
    Yass, NSW, Australia
    Good on ya man helping out a fellow rider. :clap Been to the top of that tower in strong winds it was a real hairy feeling.
  5. cody94dr350

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    Dec 8, 2013
    I lived in brisbane for a few months in 2012, I miss it!
  6. Todd-Squad

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    The great state of Utah
    And a grand day of ridding it was. You were a supreme host/guide. I really enjoyed myself. Sorry to be so slow in responding to this report. I didn't realize it was up. You probably sent me a link a ling time ago, but I missed it somehow. I'm seriously looking forward to a repeat in a couple of weeks. :clap