Abandonned Mississippi River and Bonne Terre Railroad

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    This is the time of year for Google earth touring. Here is a .gpx file for part of the route of the old Mississippi River and Bonne Terre railroad. There had been discussion of making this into a rails to trails project but it never happened. I've traveled small pieces of this railbed, but most of it is on private land. Use the track with caution. The .gpx file only extends from Festus, Mo south to near Bonne Terre. It does extend through the tunnel south of Valles Mines.

    I think the railroad may have extended south past Park Hills. I can remember seeing a huge stone railroad trestle in the distance on the way to boy scout camp back in the 1970's. The trestle had several stone arches. I have found a smaller stone trestle just north of Valles Mines. If anyone has experience with this old rail route or pics this thread would be a good place to post them.

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