Ace Cafe UK - Sat 19th Jan Polar Cub to Hell

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    May 8, 2006
    Hi Guys,

    Next Saturday I will be departing from the famous Ace cafe in London which is a first for me but I'm told does a good breakfast!

    Please whether car or bike, if you are local come say Hi, talk bikes to me and tell me about yourself whilst enjoying a bacon buttie and a mug of tea, maybe a warm up ride for those of you heading off to the Elefantentreffen?

    If you aren't local swing by the facebook group We Come in Pieces - Going through Hell to beat Cancer and say hello

    So where am I going? - Hell

    Well Hell is only the start, in case you don't already know Hell is in Norway, just outside of Trondheim, this gives the project its name

    The actual goal for me will be to travel a few hundred miles further to cross the Arctic Circle

    So what am I riding?

    Well my normal mount is a much loved KTM adventure but this is supposed to be a real challenge and we want to explore the boundaries of man and machine, we want to inspire folk who think they cant travel without a blinged out GS that anyone can make a unique and special journey and we want it to be a metaphor for the fight against cancer, that persistance, hard work and a goal worth striving for makes anything possible

    I introduce to you....The Polar Cub

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    Jul 9, 2009
    Hi sorry I missed this!
    There were some guys doing a uk rally last year on c 90s and also the lands end trial!
    I have made a small donation, good cause and great trip!