Added an XT225 to the stable! Now what?

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by DominoTree, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Sep 6, 2006
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    Things I have done that matter to me....

    Tusk Mini High Bend Bars - Awesome, make standing excellent. Ordered Here

    Tusk Hand Guards - Excellent product! Ordered HERE

    Progrip 714 Grips - Ordered HERE . They are good. I also like Progrip 737's, found HERE , which I have used many times and might actually prefer.

    Write up and pictures for bars and guards in THIS thread. I am DSCR over there.

    Larger pegs from DMO - Pricey but no alternative and an excellent product. Ordered HERE

    I like stock quiet pipes and air boxes, but I could tell the xt was running out of gas lean. I cleaned my carb and put in a 127.5 main jet and a 42.5 pilot jet, with the pilot screw out about 3 turns and 2 shims under the needle. Runs like a different bike. Starts easy, short warm up, great throttle response everywhere and no more hanging high rpms when I close the throttle. Comes right back to idle. Ordered Jets HERE . Write up and pics HERE .

    IMMIX rack. Excellent. Ordered HERE.

    Other stuff:
    Tool Tube and aux gas bottle (write up in the carb thread above.)
    Shinko 244's
    Givi plate for a Givi tail bag
    Power to GPS
    Quick Connect for battery tender
    New gas and drain hoses while I had the carb apart.

    Most important .... gas. :lol3
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    I too have just purchased a XT225 and I notice the front rim size is the same as on my CRF250 that takes a 300x21. Will I be throwing things out of balance if I go from the stock 275 to a 300. I notice the back sizes are the same for both bikes. Thanks.