Adventure Reliability & Maintaince

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    It's definately all about what you're used to/tolerant of in terms of the 950 being a hassle to maintain. My previous bike was Yamaha GTS1000 (yes, the one with the front swingarm) and man did that thing suck to work on. What I hated most about it was how NEEDLESSLY complex the GTS's maintinence access was. That bike was a hideous mess of parts, plugs, wires and bodywork, I even had to pull my entire GIVI rack just to bleed the rear brakes!

    Sure, there's lots to remove to work on the KTM's engine, but careful Austrian engineering is evident at every turn, and I think the design is very smart. I'm willing to work a little harder to maintain my KTM if there's a good reason that it's so complex, and there is: the 950 is light and amazingly compact!

    My 950 has been totally reliable and the most entertaining motorcycle I've ever owned. Besides, nothing worth doing it ever easy.
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    Well put, Rumpus (why does that sound weird to say?) :poser
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    My 2006 990 Adventure has 16,000 kms on it and has had no major problem even with a major spill. I was taking a curve at over a hundred kms/hour and went right over a diesel spill. I low sided and the bike hit the pavement hard and skidded for about 50 meters and fell completely into a ditch. After it was pulled out, amazingly it just started and not even the mirrors required adjusting! I think if I were on a BMW GS, I would have had real major repairs with a cracked engine cylinder head for sure. The KTM Adventures can take a lot of beating :clap:clap:freaky The repair job cost me only US$15 to replace the busted plastic tank cover. Amaaazing indeed!!
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    Spoken like a true 2 wheeled American poet. Right on. I concur. Right on.Over and out.
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    You take the tanks off at every 10 000 miles and do what has to be done all at once and it is easy and straight forward.

    At the every two 5000 miles, you skip the oil tank screen and do the oil change without having to touch the body work.

    Sure if a guy wake up a sunday morning and decides to change the spark plugs just cause he feels like it he will hate the thing for sure.

    It's designed to race, it's designed to service everything all at once and when you do so, like others have said, it is a charm.

    My 2c
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    I have recently had my first major malfunction with a second hand ADV. My other Adventure(travel bike) has never left me stranded. That being said,I have owned a couple of BMW bikes that have. Coincidence? Maybe,but my limited experience with BMW bikes has made me like my KTM's even more. I'm not bashing,just telling my opinion.
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    I have 50,000 miles on my 06 950.

    I have been in 40 states with it including AK and the Arctic Circle most of these miles two up. My wife thinks it is the most comfy bike we have ever owned.

    My bike has been upside down into a pile of boulders in NC with a friend riding it. I picked it up and road it home..... after I took my man to the emergency room.

    It has fallen off a peninsula into a lake in Utah and been bounced off the rev limiter at least 100 times.

    I have been in deep sand pits and under a few boulders....(beside em anyway):)

    It has been in temps ranging from 128 in Artesia NM to 10 in Port Hope mi.

    I have done several 1000 plus mile days.

    I like it so much I bought a new 990 and have no intentions of selling the 950.

    It has never broke down or left me anywhere.

    I do try to pay attention to all the prevent maintenance and info here at the OC.

    I have owned several BMWs, but will never be without a Katoom.

    Life is just too short not to smile while you're riding.
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    :freaky Whip, cheers to you!

    That is very reassuring to read, I'm still a KTM newb but I've been riding almost half my life. I have a tendency to tinker, break then fix :) I'm not used to my 990 yet, only 700 miles and the more I read in the OC about issues the more I "think" I hear things. I have a week long trip coming up in a few days in the mountains, me and this big pig are gonna get to know each other :D
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    Especially for 950Advs. Check the newby thread by Geek. Cheers