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    My uncle, my bro and I are wanting to do a week long ride from nor cal, Tahoe area to.... Well that is where I could use some advice. We will be on adventure bikes, and the twistier the better. Are there any good rides that could be done in a week? We are good with camping and will be going over the summer so snow shouldn't be a hindrance. I would love to ride some epic roads in the Rockies, or down by the Grand Canyon, but I don't know of any. Any ideas. We are dirt riders at heart so off highway is very welcome. Thanks

    - Ben
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    Apr 3, 2006
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    There is easily a week's worth of good riding without leaving California.

    Take Highway 89 north until you meet up with Highway 49, follow that to the north end, then stay on 49 all the way to the south end in Oakhurst.

    Ride all of the passes across the Sierras. Highways 120, 108, 4, 88, 50 (and 49 if you didn't already do that one).

    Try to get to all of the National Parks in California. You might not even be able to get to all of them in a week. Joshua Tree and Death Valley have quite a few dirt roads that you could enjoy. Redwoods National Park is amazing, and great roads getting there and back. And you don't want to miss Yosemite, along with Kings Canyon and Sequoia. (Be sure to go up to Glacier Point in Yosemite).

    Highway 1 along the coast is also amazingly beautiful. It's worth riding from Cambria on the south all the way to the north end at Leggett.

    It will probably take you three weeks just to do this whole list. :D