Advice needed: Electrical wiring for GPS on 1190R

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  1. SwedishViking

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    Jul 25, 2006
    I would not mind getting a few pointers on your experiences and advice when it comes to how to connect your GPS (in my case a Garmin Zumo 660) to some juice (and I am not inclined to use the accessory socket). Either one does a direct connect to the battery, which I then understand is to route the wires under the plastic covers (if anyone has done this, how much time does it take and are there any complex steps?), but I have also heard there are some connectors at the front some where under the dashboard, but I am afraid I am failing to find that.

    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks, J.
  2. viverrid

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    Jan 26, 2004
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    If it's wired like a 990 there will be a couple that run off the ACC fuses, just there for the hooking up.

    I took off the headlight and fairings to look for them and when I finally found them it was a "Doh!" moment, I didn't have to do all that.
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    The acc1 wires are under the socket on the left they are difficult to get out as they are tucked in quite tight it might be easier to take some plastic off but I kept on with bent fingers till i got em out.....they are just a spur from the socket