Advice needed for renting/purchasing bike in SA

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    Oct 21, 2008
    Hello gents,
    I am planning a 2 weeks,2 up motorcycle tour in South Africa.My original intention was to ship my MT350 from Romania to SA,but after finding how much it would cost and how much logistics this would involve,i've decided to buy/rent a bike in Cape Town.
    I've read some stuff about renting,and it all points to buying/reseling a bike as the best option.
    Now,I kindly ask for some info as per where i should be looking for a bike(i need a small,capable for 2 up,enduro bike:DR,XT,etc),as well as any advice,tips,do's and dont's about this journey.
    Thank you in advance,and,yes i will bring my drinking boots :freaky
    If there is somebody knowing Ion(John,romanian motorcyclist,in his 60's) from Walvis Bay,Namibia,please fwd me his phone No. I used to hang out with him while i was drydocking in Walvis Bay,and had a great time,but i lost his contact details