Advice on 09 KLR nightmare

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by TravisThumb, Aug 11, 2009.

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    I bought a new 08 KLR and put on 6000 miles and could not keep oil in it (tried different weights, brands etc.) and Kawasaki refused to fix it... so I sold it... drive a BMW Dakar now..
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    I can't understand the blame-the-owner mentality when this is an acknowledged problem by Kawasaki, and one that (if we believe several owners) develops suddenly.

    After a few thousand miles of ownership one would hope that you learn an engine's habits, and know based on experience how often you should check the oil. More frequently in the beginning and less frequently as you establish how much or little oil it burns.

    So if you have a situation where a bike hasn't burned a drop, and suddenly in the course of a tank of gas it burns a crankcase-full I'd say that's a manufacturing failure plain & simple. Add to that the fact that Kawi has acknowledged the problems but appears to be trying to just ride this one out.

    I don't care how OCD you are about maintenance, you'd be in the same boat so cut these guys some slack.
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    Feb 12, 2008
    Sorry to hear about the trip, I think there might have been some sort of spark that started an unfortunate fire while trying to start it, barely got away without being burned.:wink: There have been documented problems with the new bikes. There are documented problems with the old ones, though they do not seem to burn as much oil, at least not right away. There is a device called a Thermo-Bob, that does away with the hot/cold cycling of the coolant and vast temprature differential between the head and the crankcase that causes the out of round condition. The doohickey , though mentioned , I remind is not a myth and needs addressed. The valves need adjusted perodically I did my 05 I bought in may with 1050 miles on it at 5kmiles and had two valves at min spec-two at max-go figure. (one exhaust and one intake each!) Check out the KLR specific forums, there are all sorts of tutorials , these bikes are cake to work on. I will never take my KLR to a dealer, but i would if I had the problems the OP had considering the warranty, These bikes are cake to work on and once you have them sorted you have something, or you could buy a wee-strom. Kawi has a record of ignoring problems, but his oil thing is outrageous. Something obviously went south at build or bad QC or something happened. My 05 did a 700 mile 3 day weekend two up , overloaded, some time spent on 4-lanes and didnt use a drop, but therre are too many people with new bikes that have problems, those of you that haven't should consider yourselves lucky.
    I got my KLR as a temprorary thing when my wee-strom was killed by a cage but it is certainley a keeper now, got 8500 miles in itnow. ( talk about getting screwed...I commuted on my bike and ruined it by putting 28,500 miles on it in 19 months, even though I have precise service records, according to the would be killers insurance). I digress, go up the food chain, and plan (though it is probbly too late) carefully what you are going to say. I can see why you might have hesitated to take your old bike, depends on if you did the doo, valves etc, but a brand new bike... but it sounds like you tried not to kill it.. i blather It is late. I hope everybody gets satisfaction, and once the warranty is gone, wrench it your selves, that might be the single best thing about the KLRs- user friendly repairs-no 100$ charge to hook it up to a computer for diagnostics. Good luck and good night.
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    Aug 24, 2010
    I've an 09 that has been burning about 1L of oil per 2000 miles, but for some unknown reason, it burnt 1L within 200 miles and after this it is back to about the same rate. WTF? Since I'm in Mexico, the warranty is void. You have to love the fine print....

    I'm looking at putting the kit in as fuk this happening in some remote Argentinian or Bolivian road.

    Having read up more on both the KLR and DR, I think that I'd go for the DR next time.
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    May 26, 2009
    There is a similar case here in Lima. A friend purchased a 09 model at local Kawasaki dealeship.
    After 4500 km of normal operation, (yes, engine was broken in, services have been done) the bike suddenly started to produce a rattling noise.
    Oil was completely gone on a daily trip, after less than 200km.
    No help from Kawasaki or the dealer.
    The bike got new piston rings and was sold.

    another sad story in this book...

    Like my XT 660, so far 80.000km - never let me down.
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    Kaw not honoring warrantees? Class action suit? We need this to happen to a lawyer who gets pissed enough to make it right for the others.
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    Part of this I believe is the simple issue of some dealers are really good decent people and some are the south end of a north bound donkey.

    The Dealer I bought my 2008 is absolutely wonderful, and 400 miles away. I bought it there because of how well they have treated me from the first time I walked in the door. I bought a second 2009, used and second hand off of Craigslist. And they still give me the preferred buyer discount on parts and "service" on both bikes. And they know I will normally, actually almost always, do my own maintenance and repairs. The guys are really good. Now, I can also say... I HAVE NEVER had a problem with either of my bikes burning oil or anything other than the recalls. I have 36k on the 2008 and 25k miles on the 2009, and I ride them fairly rough.

    My brothers 2008 KLR bought 2 weeks later from the dealership burned oil... the SPENT days getting the rebuild done under warranty, and the bike was REPAIRED before it was officially approved by Kawasaki. Second time, the "Doo" let go and destroyed the motor. The Dealership did the same thing... treated him with the most respect and care. Got his bike up and running ASAP. And even gave the bike a "free" full service for his trouble.

    That being said. There is a Kawasaki Dealership about 10 miles from my door I refuse to EVER go in again. They are HORRIBLE! Been in there twice once was told they did not have time to order an oil filter as I was not getting my bike serviced their. And the second when I had a recall on the 2008 and they told me I could leave it till they could get to it maybe 2 or three months. Again commenting that I did not get my bike serviced there I could "Wait"...

    Much of this is HOW CONCERNED the Dealership is about pleasing their customers as well as Kawasaki's customers. GOOD Dealerships will fight for their customers! The bad ones can care less.

    I would be calling Kawi DIRECTLY... and filing a claim about the engine damage. And I would also FILE a second claim about how the dealership is behaving.

    PS. Every couple hours I always Check out my Ride, too many years of driving trucks taught me THINGS break. If I suddenly saw that the bike Started USING oil, I would start checking it ever 20 or 30 miles TILL I GOT "home/motel" and then find out why. I would not have continued the trip... so, I can't say it is all Kawaski's fault. But, THEY Should warranty it in the name of customer service.

    This is coming from

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    That was weird....

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    I'm sorry to hear about your trip.

    I was on the phone with kawi regarding my '08 and burning oil. He was very argumentative about the whole situation. I said that I thought burning 1/2 quart in 250 miles was a problem. He said, "It's only a problem if you don't check your oil." If I could've reached through the phone I would have, and I'll never buy another Kawasaki.

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    Well, my '10 was a (moderate) oil burner on my Alaska trip - my dealer fixed it within two days after my return - it is perfect now.
    Pick your dealer for more than price!!

    El Mur.
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    I get a giggle out of these ancient revived threads... How many pages back do you have to look to find them??
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    Google really likes to trawl up ancient threads for posters to reply to without checking the dates.
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    Aug 11, 2009
    Glad to see this is still kicking around. So how did they "fix it". Mine still burns oil like an MF'r :huh

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    His deal probably "fixed it" by taking it in as a trade for a different bike. :evil