Advices for Romania and Hungary?

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    Oct 15, 2012
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Riding down to Austria and Slovenia in 1,5-2 weeks, and depending on weather/time/what I feel like doing etc I might pass through Hungary into Romania for the first time also.

    Transalpina and Transfagarasan are obvious goals in that case :)
    Though I won't be going much futher east or south than those, as I won't have the time for it.
    Besides from that, anything I shouldn't miss?

    I usually camp most nights, how are the camping places in Romania? Someone said I should avoid them and go for hotels instead? Any suggestions on good hotels etc, with good security for the bike (ie, not just left outside on the street)?

    Gypsies.. "Don't stop in gypsie villages" I've heard.. true? And stupid question perhaps, but how do you know it's a "gypsie village"? :)

    Gas stations, do they usually accept Visa cards, or do I need alot of local currency in cash?

    Also, if anyone has similar suggestions/advice about Hungary feel free to share that as well; Places to ride, camping, hotels and so on..
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    Jul 20, 2013
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    Just came back from a balkan trip last week. Including a few days in romania and a rush through hungary on the motorway.

    My experience with the quality of camping sites in romania was mixed. Few had western europe standard, most were spartan but more or less clean and two were simply disgusting.
    I can recommend a nice and clean camping site in Cisnădioara/Michelsberg, just south of Sibu/Hermannstadt. It's called Ananas Camping ( and costs 5€ per night for a tent and motorcycle. Transalpina and Transfagarasan are within reach for day trips. Same for Biertan and Sighișoara, which are very nice. Sibu itself is worth a visit, too.

    Don't know whether I have been to a "gypsies village" or not, but I didn't experience any problems and never had a bad or unsafe feeling. Even in some poorer regions close to the serbian border.

    I can tell you that the bigger gas stations accepted Maestro. Didn't look for Visa though. But I always had enough money in cash with me, just in case. In hungary the service stations at the motorways accept cards.

    PS: After reading for quiet some time as a guest, this is my first post on advrider, hello everyone! :wave The average board IQ has just dropped a few decimal places.
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    I crossed Romania a few times and must say that it's worth to check in advance if the camping marked on a map exist. I happend to me that I lost a lot of time searching for camping sites that were just a parkings or even just a lowns next to the motels and it makes non sense to stay in a tent as you get no services like bathrooms etc.

    I din't ever experience any danger form people there but was always cautios.

    If you will find a Gypsy's wilage, believe me you will recognise it!
    I saw a group of 100 maybe 200 peaople living in a temporary kind of tents made of wood and plastic foil somewhere in the middle of nowhere when crossing trans alpina.

    As for money and payments.
    If you stop on a LUKOIL stations you can be sure that they accept any credit od debit cards and they have coffe (not always good but they have). Whatever the station looks likes they keep this standard in all of them.
    It's good to have some money separately in a small nominals in case you're stopped by police. (they are trying to scare you but if you're patient 5/10 eur or usd usually ends the case).

    The roads (pavements) are getting better and better every year but the DACIA car drivers are still creazy sometimes.
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    Mar 18, 2012
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    Was there for about a week last year. Never had any problems with the police. Usually got plenty of warning of police as you approached a town, as like the UK, drivers would flash to warn you.

    And yea some of the roads are still shit, but I have to say I had no complaints about the standard of driving. Possibly better than the UK drivers!!
  5. Tancakar

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    May 16, 2013
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    I would rather pass from Serbia didn't heard great things about this two country.
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    Dec 4, 2010
    As for Hungary... It is nearly as civilised as any european country. Almost no police corruption, average road surfaces (in the eastern part of Hungary and on two or three digit roads they're generaly bad). Police use speed cameras extensively and mostly in those places where they can sucker you (in corners with obstructed view and at the start of villages where it is less clear that you have to reduce speed). If you stay in the 50/90/130 kmph range for urban areas, open roads and motorways respectively you will have absolutely no problem with the authorities.

    There are some gipsy villages or gipsy parts of villages across Hungary, mostly in the eastern parts, but they're easily recognisable by the look of the buildings. Some of these are not even on the maps. Traveling through these you may not want to stop but you don't want to speed either. There were quite a few incidents when children suddenly stepped in front of cars. Though they sustained no serious injury, the mob that quickly gathered lynched the drivers.

    As in generaly it is not quite as 'western' as Austria and Slovenia, but it is of european standards. Nearly all gas stations accepts all forms of cards (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron). Most stores and gas stations also accept euros, but at a worse exchange rate that you get at a money changer.

    Campings... In Hungary it is legal to camp in the wild, I only stayed at campings a few times - I stayed at worse on the slovenian shore. :D

    Romania: I have a co-worker who annually visits Romania. There are large parts of that country still populated by hungarian people. He says they improve the road network every year and it is a surprise how much they build each time. So maps may be out of date.
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    Oct 30, 2008
    Just got back from a month in sibiu area.take l Romanian money,as most want lei not euros.we seen many locals camping along rivers and such,seems the way it is there. Campsites seem rare.
    Locals are very friendly if you give the first smile or wave,and gypsy thing seems somewhat over blown. They do pan handle lots,but that seems he extent of it.
    Crime seemed almost non-existent there,and police seemed around lots ,but they don't enforce much traffic wise . Keep a keen eye out for passing cars and trucks on the road ways,most roads are small and curved and people have little patience .speed limits Seemed more a guide line for most.