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  1. getonit

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    Dec 10, 2008
    Hey Gang! I'm looking for a replacement for my 65+ mph '05 Super9. I really liked it a lot, but some old guy decided to crush it for me, so I'm looking for a new ride. I need liquid cooling, disc brakes and 12" or larger wheels. Would like to stay 50cc for simplicity's sake. Any suggestions appreciated!
  2. monkeywaythere

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    Jul 4, 2009
    soon to be sask Canada!!
    Hi there mate i have a pug speed fight 50cc liquid cooled and it fly's i'm about 14-15 stone and still hit 55-60 on a reg basis it has had a hell of a lot of work done to it tho :) this scooter will be taking me to portugal and back in june july time.
    the engine constist of 70 kit 360 degree crank race carb race clutch and a lot of porting and polishing and a nice exhaust.
    ps i'm nearly 30 and still love this thing!!
  3. Dabears

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    Mar 10, 2007
    wow- if you have a 50cc scooter that will do an honest 65 mph on a regular basis I think the answer is to replace it with exactly what you had. Was it modded? If so can't you use the parts off the wrecked one to fix up another one?

    I've got a Vespa P200E, and haven't seen 65 MPH (using a GPS) the stock speedo is way off.....
  4. Cortez

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    Apr 22, 2006
    It probably was 50cc at some point, but no standard 50cc will do even
    over 50mph (GPS), and just a few will do even that.

    However, a very simple 70cc kit available for $150+ will usually result
    in 60mph without touching anything else. Replace the exhaust.. you got
    65mph+, depending on the kit and the scooter.

    I see the Speedfight has already been mentioned, but if the original poster
    is from the US like most people here, he won't find it there.

    Mine, which is completely stock, will do 50mph indicated, and I've seen
    44mph on the GPS. These things are around 5 hp stock. Previous owner
    had a Leovince ZX exhaust on it, it would do 55+ indicated, but I didn't
    want the extra noise (we got a law here restricting mopeds (under 50cc)
    to 30mph).

    Having worked at a scooter shop for 2 years I've had my share of test
    rides and if you're looking for a fast 50cc 2 stroke, and want to keep it
    as stock as possible, Italian is the way to go.

    Gilera Runner, Piaggio NRG, Derbi GP1 all share the ~6hp Piaggio LC
    engine and will do "real" 50mph stock when derestricted, all of these
    have better suspension and brakes then a Ninja 250 and such bikes :D

    Same goes for Yamaha's Aerox and Peugeot's Jetforce C-TECH.
    Both of them 6hp, 50mph, and both are manufacturer's top of the line

    Only problem is.. for the price of a new Gilera Runner or an Aerox here,
    you can get 2 Kymo Agility 125s that are faster, don't need oil every now
    and then, and will return better MPG numbers. Sure, the little Agility
    won't handle as good or have sporty brakes.. but..

    With a 2 stroke 50 (70cc) that'll do over 60mph, you're looking at 50MPG
    and worse. All of them stock will be 60MPG or just a bit better.

    My Speedfight2 LC 50 averages 67MPG, and that's VERY close to my
    650cc bike with over 10 times the power and double the weight :D

    I guess you just gotta love the 2 stroke stuff to mess around with it,
    and I'm not the type.
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    May 7, 2007
    New Orleans, LA
    Where are you located? That narrows down your choices a little more.

    Most 50cc scooters in the states are air cooled, since the liquid cooled bikes never sold very well...too expensive.

    If you in the states, your choices are:
    Kymco Super 9 - Make sure it's a liquid cooled and not the later air cooled.
    Aprilia Sr50 - We only got liquid cooled. DiTech from 2002.

    Short of that, you might get lucky and find a nicely used Italjet Formula or Dragster, or possibly a Derbi Gp1. Again, make sure they have the liquid cooled engine and not the air cooled model. Italjets have brittle plastics, so most of them ended up parted out.

    Sorry to hear about the Super 9. Happy hunting!

  6. Cortez

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    Apr 22, 2006
    Forgot about the Aprilia SR50 in my previous post, that's an excellent
    suggestion. All of the top of the line italian scoots would be a step up
    from the Kymco he had in terms of brakes and suspension.

    However, I would stay away from direct-injection models like the
    SR50 ditech (NRG was called 'purejet', jetforce was 'tsdi' etc) as
    they're very sensitive to fuel quality and tend to clog up which usually
    results in a seized engine. I've seen more then a few of those around
    here! ALSO, you can't tune them, they won't go faster with a sports
    exhaust, and you can't use the aftermarket 70cc kits on them.

    In stock form, they're usually slower then their carbed brothers/sisters.
    Italjet's have a very bad rep in EU, and are virtually non-existent on
    the roads around here (and I'm a stone-throw away from Italy).

    They break down easily and parts are hard to find.

    Derbi GP1 is a great idea tho, probably the most race-oriented of them all;
    the supersport of 50cc scoots. I prefer the Runner's seat for my lard ass, and
    it's just as fast ;)


    She's a beaut! But costs an arm and a leg..
  7. JEDI 2.0

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    May 2, 2009
    Sacramento, CA
    Get a Kymco People 250. Perfect for what you need.