Aeroflow vs Britannia Composites

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by freud, Feb 27, 2014.

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    You could save a lot of money with the Caterpillar O ring throttle lock. It's just an O ring available from Caterpillar dealers (and probably ebay!) ... part no #8M4991 or Caterpillar Part #8M5266. You have it on the right bar end weight and slide it over when you want it and back over when you don't. Had the same one for years and it works better than the proper Wunderlich one on my XChallenge. Only costs a few dollars. Photos below to illustrate.

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    After going thru this decision process a couple of year ago, I chose Aeroflow.

    I'm happy with that decision. Got over 40k mile of my F650GS. Many long days (500+miles), rain etc. The Areoflow gives good protection and once you have it set up to get the flow just over the helmet and the ability to look over the wind screen it works very well. I got the mid height screen and enlarged the mounting holes a bit so I could tilt it back a bit more..

    i have the Aeroflow wind screen and the option side Airguards. no side induced turbulence.

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    @ Freud:

    Re. your experience, until I set up the bike to suit me I had similar misgivings. Installing the Mirage, bar risers and fixing the seat changed everything.

    No it's not an RT, but I've toured all over the western US and Canada and commute every day (I sold my car also). Once properly set up I think the F8 is one of the all-time great do-everything bikes. I would not hesitate to take one around the world. Maybe a new one first though, this one's getting a bit worn out :lol3.
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    Had no idea about it I will try them

    And when I think of thradin the bike I look at it in the garage and I just loce the way it looks.