AGM Battery from a 2011 F650GS DOA

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by cokesandspokes, Aug 31, 2012.

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    A friend has a 2011 F650GS that has a stock AGM battery. He left the ignition switch on after coming home in a downpour related to hurricane Isaac. The bike was left like that for a day or two. When I took the battery out it was DOA. . . nothing when turning the key. Should I try and have it charged or is it a waste of time being left so long like that. Would that be covered under his warranty?

    What is a good aftermarket replacement for this bike. I own a K1200RS with an Odyssey battery going on 7 years now and nearly all of that without using a battery tender. If an Odyssey is available for his bike I would be all for that.

    Also, will there be any issues with his computer after the install (needing to be reset or anything like that)?
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    Well, first off don't ever admit to the dealer the key was left on. Replacing batteries under warranty is common enough. There will be a low voltage error code or 5 on the various ECU's but with the same date and mileage. Say... maybe... it should happen again, twice the bike wouldn't start without a boost :1drink. Got some time? Call roadside and get 'er towed in for "troubleshooting". Alternately, ride it in and complain about it, service due? I say the Dealer wouldn't think too much about it. Even if you do charge it, and it works for a while, it's life has been shortened. When will it fail next Murphy?

    Yeah the bike won't know what day or year or time it is now. Service reminder will get confused. Other than that there shouldn't be a problem. Cept your buddy's habit of killing the engine with the red switch and not the key......
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    I did a similar thing on mine, (I left the GPS turned on, for about 3 weeks)

    I put a cheap charger on it and it's been fine since then. :D

    Look in the Battery threads and check to see if it is the better of the 2 brands BMW uses, I think it should have a gray case.
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