Aircooled Derbi parts??

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    back story...
    i have a 2000 derbi manhattan(50cc aircooled kick only).

    the kickstart system self destructed about the 4th kick into trying to start a fresh 70cc top end rendering the scooter basically useless.

    the half moon kick starter gear has about 7 teeth messed up but probably weldable/fileable since it doesnt seem to be very high carbon(i tig).

    the bendix gear is fooked. its missing a few teeth and not a part i'd try and fix with weld/file.

    the outer side cover which holds the dowel that the bendix gear has cracked around the housing of that dowel and busted off some pieces to the point where the dowel is not secured. i can try and tig this porous ass aluminum together first then i will rig something with epoxy.

    **apparently parts for these few year old derbis are REALLY hard to come by.** I've spoken on phone and email with the dude in FL who used to be the derbi distributor and he's flaked multiple times.

    all i want to buy is the kick start bendix gear!!! the only unfixable part. i will do what i can with the rest. if it doesnt work i will either macguyver something ridiculous or light the scooter on fire.

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    Try this forum or this company

    AF1 racing is supposed to be a great dealer and Derbi now a Piaggio brand. Or try MRP.