Airhead Frame Stiffners and More!

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    Adding side braces to an Airhead frame is an old trick for controlling the wiggles and loopy oscillations that occur when we push our bikes hard. Over the years, I collected several examples of vintage braces and then asked Martin Windmill, shop manager at Kosman's, to design something light, modern, stylish and trick for me and he did not disappoint!


    These braces are manufactured using 22.5 mm aluminum tubing and are equipped with CNC machined aluminum ends, bright cad plated bolts and machined steel locating buttons that you weld to your frame. The end caps slip into the tubes and then are secured using a wedge-block and screw system. That way, should you need to shorten or replace a tube, it's a snap but on the other hand, once the braces bolted to your bike, everything is 100% solid and secure. In order to remove the braces for servicing, just remove the tapered bolts and the braces come right off.

    Should you want to remove the braces permanently, any good fabricator can remove them without damaging your frame.

    The tubes are mat finished, so scratches can be removed with a Scotchbrite pad and also they're ready for paint, polishing or powder-coating.

    I tested these over the course of an 8K+ Coast-to-Coast trip and not only did they tighten up my R100RS's handling but they got rave reviews from Airhead riders. So far, not one pair has been returned.

    These items will fit to any Airhead frame and I highly recommend them for /5, /6 and most R100 bikes.

    Specs: Length = 58mm
    Weight = 24.2 oz per pair
    Finish: Brushed Aluminum with polished billet ends.

    Cost: $230.00 + $20 Postage via Priority Mail, Insurance and Delivery Confirmation

    Please note: While I currently have several more sets of these braces. I'm trying to keep the costs down but these are expensive to produce and this may be the last time that I can deliver these at these prices. If you want em cheap, buy em now! :deal





    This frame is equipped with a set of welded in brackets and gussets that strengthen and stiffen the sub-frame (No more cracked sub-frames!) and that also addresses most of the the twisting of the main frames in these old bikes.

    I have this kit installed in my Hot Rod /6 and it has transformed the bike's handling! Now my bike tracks straight over bumps and jumps, it holds it's line in fast corners with no head shake and it's stable when I'm hard on the brakes. Do you tour two-up or with loaded bags? If so, you'll appreciate this kit.

    One of the nicest things about this kit is that the mods to are virtually invisible, except for the added front cross-tube and no one seems to notice that!

    Heres a photo of the kit, which is manufactured for me here in Santa Rosa, California. Four plates for the sub-frame, four for the main frame and a preformed cross tube, that duplicates the one used on the R-100 series bikes. You'll want that if you're working with a /5 or /6 frame.

    <a href="" title="Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug"><img src="" title="Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug" alt="Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug"></a>

    PRICE $120.00 + $10 Postage via Priority Mail, including Insurance and Delivery Confirmation

    Heres one of my /6 frames:


    Heres the finished bike!

    <a href="" title="Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug"><img src="" title="Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug" alt="Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug"></a>

    Hey..! Don't go away yet. Theres one more thing!!

    If you've gotten tired of disconnecting and reconnecting your bikes ground wire before servicing or trouble shooting things, heres a great solution!

    The Airhead Master Switch:


    This Master Switch is identical to the one I installed on my R-90/6 in 1989 and that has has served me flawlessly ever since.

    The switch itself is a top quality industrial grade push-pull switch rated for 75 amps. Once installed, it remains hidden behind your stock side cover, where it serves also as a hidden anti-theft item. Having this accessory in place allows me to charge my battery or service my bike without fear of electrical damage, plus it eases my mind when I'm away from my bike.

    The switch opens and closes with a solid "thunk" and is impervious to water and road grit. The leads are long enough to work on both standard lead acid and compact sized batteries. I assemble each one, using US manufactured #6 cable, the heaviest copper lugs available and all of the connections are swagged, sealed and shrink wrapped for protection.

    As I said... I installed one of these on my R-90 more than 20 years ago and it's still working perfectly after more than 200K miles of exposure to rain, cold, dirt and vibration. It'll will last the life of your bike or I'll replace it!

    Price: $49.95 and free shipping

    Note: This item is intended for /5, /6 and non rear disc R-100 bikes. Master Switches for RS models are available upon request.


    Ken at: for further information and international shipping rates.

    Disclaimer: :deal
    Installation of these frame parts involves fitting and welding. If you do not have experience in these areas, please plan to have them installed by a professional. Also, should you choose to buy and install these parts, check your frame for straightness before proceeding. These bracing packages are not a cure for faulty equipment. Lastly, if you intend to make any modifications to your bike, please take full responsibility for your decision and the quality of your work and then operate your motorcycle in a safe, sane, and sober manner.