Airhead, G/S charge monitor

Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by Gimmeslack, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Data is good! The more the better.
    Having said that I will say, I know myself, I would watch the gauge more than the road when things start to change. Then thinking through what all is going on inside the machine to make the readout change. This would be to distracting for me.
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    Man oh man!
    I love an elegant solution and it's one less widget bolted to our cockpits.

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    Some of them are airheads .. Less is more ... :evil I know there are other types of BM owners .. at both extremes .. I'm on the KISS side rather than the 'throw money at it and the problem will go away' side..

    One I get the red warning light (low voltage/high voltage) I'm going to stop, pull out the DMM and get a number.. I'm probably going to have to think at about it - so stopping is required , might have a drink while I'm at it :1drink

    Elektor have a artical on a circuit .. issue december 2003 - motorcycle battery monitor .. 3 ICs, 2 transistors, some diodes and resistors ...
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    I have a really neat device I'm gonna install on the R100,
    it's called a .....
    Voltmeter from VDO.
    Wired to the battery.
    less than a zillion bucks.
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    Like this? I know -- I have one gauge too many on my PD :ricky

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    On reading this thread I figured i should have a monitor for my g/s too - that tiny battery really worries me sometimes.

    I checked out the stuff discussed above then found this 'solution':

    So i sprung the $10 (yeah, i know it looks like it too, but it does the job.) and wired it in and 'there ya go'!

    It's fused from the battery and, at the moment, permanently on - I'll probably put a switch in the circuit one of these days. And I'm gonna have to seal it with some silicon (it's not meant for the purpose it's being put to here.

    It does this: " The battery monitor has six LED lights to quickly indicate the condition of your 12 volt battery, charger or alternator. It uses 3 LEDs (12.6V Full, 12.0V 50% and 11.5V Low, to indicate battery condition), and 3 LEDs (15.5V Over voltage / Regulator failure, 14.5V Max. Charger Voltage, 13.2V Charger and Alternator Charging) to indicate Charger/Alternator output."

    Here's a crappy pic of the installation (i hope).


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    Oct 2, 2007
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    Spent the weekend installing Centech and some dedicated circuits.

    Here's the BackOFF voltage monitor installed. I'll test ride in a bit, but at least at first glance, this thing ROCKS! It cycles through the different colors on start up, and then dims partially so that brightness is not bothersome. If it goes to yellow or red, the color again intensifies to alert rider.

    It was a little tricky getting it into corner, but location seems perfect. The "brains" are epoxy-encased in a very well done aluminum extrusion and fit nicely below the headlight (stick on with provided adhesive pad). I opted to run extension wires back to Centech, just because I didn't want to tap headlight and also because I figured best to monitor V as close to battery as possible. Need to tidy up the red/black supply wires seen in pic.

    Nice product, good documentation, and reasonably priced IMHO.

    As you can tell from red indicator, my battery is on its last leg. :cry

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