Airhead headlight protectors r65-r100(DIY)

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    I came accross a nice little setup and I thought I'd share. This was done on an r80st but the headlight is similar accross a range of airheads. r65-r100 I believe)

    I found some crome mesh headlight covers from classic Jaguars that just so happen to fit perfectly on my airhead with the right modification.

    You can pick up the gaurds here:

    You'll get an extra set for replacement or for a friend. This is a really slick set up that allows easy removal. Plus it looks cool.


    -Take the mounting brakets that come with the mesh cover and a pair of needlenose pliers and add an extra bend to clip into the inside of chrome headlight lense.

    -Flatten the bottom part of the bracket with the hole.

    -The leftover (from the clip, to the bottom with the hole should be the same length as the inside of the headlight rim.)

    -Use 3 or 4 clips. I liked the look with 3. In addition add a bit of electrical tape or liquid gasket if your worried about vibrations on your chrome headlight rim. I found that, in hindsight, I didn't need it as the set up fits tight enough that there is little vibration against the chrome while running.

    Presto, one headlight cover. And an extra for a friend. Not a bad price either if you can get the friend to buy it from you.

    I have an extra setup if anyone is interested (Already modified). Just make an offer and I'll send it out. (PM me)

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    more pics.

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    it looks like you're trying to keep someone from breaking into your headlight!