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    Alan wrecked his bike up in the mountains near Weiser on the 1st, the Weiser Hospital indicated he broke his R femur, he was transferred to Ontario hospital and we both believed he would be having surgery to repair his R femur on the 2nd in the AM, however around 5PM the 2nd he had surgery to put a rod down the R femur, he had oxygen issues, (low oxygen in the blood scores) following the surgery he remained on the ventilator approx 7-8 pm the 2nd I was told he was going to ICU since he was having problems oxygenating the blood due to blood clots in the lungs, and he was transferred to Saint Alphonsus ICU in Boise approx 1:55 AM the 3rd, and was placed on blood thinner to assist in breaking down the blood clots. The ventilator tube was removed on the 3rd approximately 1PM. In addition to blood clots in the lungs he also has a blood clot in his R Leg. Today the 4th the ICU DR. and resident have thoroughly examined Alan and have ordered more tests such as an EKG to confirm he is well in all areas, a Physical Therapist and an Orthopedic Dr. will be in today to assess the leg and create a PT program for the R leg that he can do in bed to get his R Leg moving. I believe he is now getting really great medical care. No cells allowed in ICU so no phone calls allowed, we thought this was the best way to get the word out. Photos will be coming,in classic Alan fashion he reminded me to get pictures. :D

    After reading about Alan's rescue in the paper TR383 Inquired about Alan's condition and responded to our request by sending us a link to the Article :

    The gory details: We were exploring near Weiser around Adams Creek Road, we were on a single track-side hill trail, when Alan's rear tire kicked up a rock that pole vaulted the rear of the Xchallenge up off the ground, the trail was not steep but the side hill he went down as he was bucked off was, he grabbed for a tree and managed to stop his down hill decent @ approx. 20 feet, however the x followed him down the hill and landed on his right leg. The way the leg was pretzeled we both knew it was broken, I lifted the bike, he pulled his leg out and it straightened out, I splinted it using zipties and a stick I broke off a tree. He put a waypoint in the GPS I took my mirror out of the ram mount and replaced it with the GPS. I gave him 4 Ibuprofen, the bladder from my camel back, and 2 salted nut rolls, made him as comfortable as possible and went for help.


    There was no cell coverage however I ran into a couple horse folks, who were parked where Adams creek and Mann creek intersect, one indicated he would let me use a land line if I followed him a couple miles up Mann Creek Rd, I believe I made the 911 call from Mann Creek Guard Station, and rode back to the intersection where I had met them. The Sheriffs Dept. showed about 20 minutes after I called. I was stunned! Washington Sheriffs Dept coordinated the rescue with Weiser Rural Fire Dept staff and volunteers as well as the ambulance from Weiser memorial hospital. Three fellows showed up on two strokes with trials tires, one of which was an EMT/Paramedic (Symantics ??) A number of folks had to carry Alan out at least 1/4 mile to the, gator. The article TR383 sent us briefly explains the rescue but does not explain how committed these folks are to helping those of us that truly enjoy Idaho's backcountry. Not only did they rescue Alan they got the bike out after I left to follow the ambulance to Weiser, and took it to Weiser where some good friends brought it home for us.

    Our heroes!




    All I can say is we love Idaho and it's people, we fit in here and we are so happy we made Idaho our home, where common sense reigns, and no fufu fears or ideals prevail.




    Update 8/5 : yesterday afternoon Alan was transferred to a regular room he was able to get up and walk around the room with the PT. The Ortho Dr. came in and indicated the leg Xrays indicate the leg appears to have a good fix. Today Alan is getting around, however His chest Xray indicates the blood clots have not reduced since yesterday, he is not out of the woods yet! Please continue to have us in your thoughts and prayers!

    Update 8/6: So the Dr. showed listened to Alan's lungs, he indicated everything looks good, and Alan may get to go home Thurs, however for that to happen the IV blood thinner must be discontinued and he must transition to an oral blood thinner and the medication must be at the proper level to effectively work, this will be monitored with blood tests. We are a little more relaxed.

    Note: Some miscommunication about the chest Xrays, I need to be here 24 hrs. everyday!I asked about the chest Xray the Dr. indicated that it was ordered by ICU and the comment was made by the ICU Dr. to the nursing staff, in relation to the about the amount of the lungs Alan was using. We learned that it will take some time for the blood clots to dissolve, and that blood clots do not show up on an Xray, they show up on a Cat Scan. They will not be dissolved before we leave the hospital.

    Update8/7 Haven't seen the DR. but the PT's have been spending alot of time with us teaching us how to do things, we have a step/landing similar to the one in this picture, practice makes perfect, Alan went up and down this one 4 different times today! The nurse said no Coumadin today, when I asked why she indicated the Dr. must have felt he'd had enough. We will ask the Dr. when he shows up.


    Update 8/8 Loading and unloading with the truck went great, since we had watched a video and had planned our attack, which went off without a hitch. We are certainly glad we are not living in the Pendleton house with all those stairs. The side door at the Payette house worked great with the walker, I removed the screen door last night which is something we had discussed when we looked at this house, however we were thinking it would not be necessary until we got old. At any rate the knights of Columbus (A Christian men's group) in the Boise Area has an equipment loan program (one of our PT's told us about it) they provided a wheel chair, walker and shower bench which I picked up prior to going to the hospital this AM. After the Norco man brought the oxygen to our house, I picked up the prescriptions here in Payettte . We are happy to be home, Alan seems to be much happier now that he has his nest back in the family room. More tomorrow I need to get the dinner dishes cleaned up and then I plan to fall into bed. We are both totally exhausted.

    Update 8/9 A home health nurse came by today took blood to monitor Coumadin and oxygen levels, our shower set up worked pretty darn good, Oxygen is working out, we have set up a daily medication record as a check and balance. PT comes in tomorrow. :deal

    Update 8/10 Today was a great day, however it started out a little rocky for ole steep :lol3, both of us slept well, so well in fact Alan did not get his pain med on time so he was in alot of pain when he woke up, we got his meds, he put his leg up, and iced it, and waited about a half hour, then we were out of the gate, we are continually recognizing little things we can do to make the house more accessible. At this point Alan is only using the wheel chair at the table to eat or his desk, otherwise he uses the walker to get around. The PT thought we had the house set up as well as we could, she checked his oxygen levels, as well as observed how he was getting around, she indicated he is getting around well, and recorded the oxygen levels while he accomplished various tasks, when he took the oxygen off the sat scores did dip, however they dipped the most when he sat up from a laying position, and this may occur to most folks, these results will be shared with the Dr. his oxygen may be adjusted next week. That's all folks!


    Update 8/13 I guess I am now responsible for posting my own updates. Rocky told me that she is no longer going to take the time to do them. Don't really know why she feels she does not have the time. She not only has to take care of everything around the including those thing that I did before the accident, but has to wait on me hand and foot. :rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl
    Good thing she :raabia me as it can't be easy for her.

    Anyway, compared to a few days ago, I am doing much better or at least feel like I am doing much better. I have a Home Health PT (Physical Therapist) that comes in a few days a week. Yesterday the PT was here and we made good progress. I was able to do all the the exercises that she assigned to me on an earlier visit. She then showed me more to do and as you can guess, they were much more difficult and painful. One of them included trying to lift my leg. While laying on my back, try to lift my foot straight up while keeping my leg a straight as possible. Yesterday, I was unable to even budge it up even a little. She then assisted a little by gently lifting a little on my foot as I tried. Was able to lift it a few inches until the pain made me stop. I kept working on my new exercises last night and this morning. By the time I got out of bed this morning, I am now able to lift my foot straight up until my leg is point straight up without significant pain. :clap:clap:clap Now I just need to be able to bend my knee. Making progress, but it hurts and I still have a long way to go.

    Anyway, after I got out of bed, I was able to get in and out of the tub/shower with minimal assistance. Does not sound like much, but considering how I was doing a week ago, a major victory.

    All of this while reducing the amount of pain meds I am taking.

    Yesterday, I also went outside a couple of times. First time I had been outside the house since getting home Friday. In the morning, my in-laws were here for a visit and my father in law asked if there was anything he could do to help outside. I needed some spraying done and also the filter on my irrigation water pump really needed to be cleaned. I went outside with him to oversee the cleaning of the pump filter and then to line him out on the spraying. I was outside for about half an hour. Later that day when the PT lady was here, we worked on getting into and out of the pickup. I am able to get into and out of the pickup without much issue.

    The other news is that they cut my oxygen level down from what it was. Also, I don't need to wear it while I am up for short tasks as dragging the hose around or using the portable bottle is a pain. I did not use oxygen on either trip outside yesterday. Most of the time the PT lady was here and I was doing my various exercises I was not on oxygen and she kept checking my oxygen level and I was okay. Hopefully I can be rid of the oxygen during the day. While sleeping appears to be the main time I still may still need oxygen for a while longer.

    Tomorrow, I will be taking a road trip as I have a doctors appointment.

    Thank you to all those that have send me words of encouragement and well wishes.

    Update 8/14 Went to the doctor today. First road trip out of the house since getting home from the hospital. Things went well at the doc. He said my leg looked good and is beginning to heal as expected. Don't go back for 3 weeks. Target date for returning to work is 3 months. Also got my oxygen cut down again today.

    Progress seams slow from my end as I am getting tired of sitting around the house and watching TV. Would not be so bad being home if I could work in the shop or do other useful thing around the house.

    Update 8/15 Home health staff have reduced Alan's oxygen levels throughout the week, today staff indicated he may discontinue using oxygen while he is up, however when he is laying down he should use oxygen s his sat scores drop when he lays down, the level is down to 2 rather than 4 like earlier in the week. We are going for a ride tomorrow, we hope he may be able to get in the car now that the swelling in his leg is reducing and he can bend his knee a bit.

    Update, the good, the bad, and PEMF therapy 12/19
    <hr style="color:#575757; background-color:#575757" size="1"> So, Alan was allowed to go back to work light duty, approx, a month ago,
    His employer assigned him to work in the parts room, writing a policies and procedure manual for the parts dept. not exciting work but work just the same, Alan walks in approx. a 1/4 to the building and a 1/4 mile out he is limited to a 1/2 walking per day. He walks with a very pronounced limp and uses a cane when is not working or in the house. We saw the Dr. Monday the 16th and two of the three screws holding the rod running through the femur have broken. The Dr. indicated his leg is healing slower than expected so he is now enjoying Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy at home. :eek1

    This is what the device looks like:


    For maximum results he is supposed to wear the device around his leg for 10 hours per day, today is the first day of treatment, he plans to wear it to bed to complete the 10 hours. The PEMF therapy will be a daily event now.

    Once again I am asking our ADV Family to include my sweetheart in your prayers, & thoughts. Thank you for all your past, present, and future support.

    Rocky :shog

    Update 2/27/14

    During Alan's follow up appt this Monday the Dr. finally decided to order a cat scan of his leg, yesterday we discussed the results and a proper course of treatment.

    Alan will be having surgery today to remove the rod from his leg, since the leg is not healing and it is believed the rod is moving around causing the pain (remember the 2 lower screws are broken), and the healing is progressing so slow. The rod will be removed and the inside of the bone will be reamed loosening up bone material that will create a slurry that should stimulate healing, a larger rod will go in the leg. He will spend tonight in the hospital.

    Alan feels this is a good course of action as he feels the last three months have been a waste of time. The Ortho has consulted with Alan's primary care physician to thwart off clotting (Alan has been off the blood thinners for 3 months), he will be taking a blood thinner after the surgery. Of course I have concerns but I know all your thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes will be with us and have faith this will course of treatment will be successful. :shog

    Update 3/13/14
    ADV Family and Friends, on Wed. March 5th Alan was having alot of drainage and was placed on Keflex as a preemptive measure, Monday the 10th Alan was doing very well, we went to the Dr. a medical assistant took his staples out and applied steristrips and the Dr. felt Alan was doing very well. t The afternoon of the (11th) his incision area was swollen, on the 12th it was swollen and inflamed, we saw the PA in the afternoon and he indicated there was some cellulitis (sp?) and since Alan had finished up the Keflex the PA prescribed Bactrim, by this AM Alan had taken his 2st dose of a generic Bactrim, he has no fever, has his feet up watching Star Trek. Once again we request you keep us in your thoughts, prayers, and send positive vibes our way. :shog
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    Thanks for the update Katy. Keep us informed on progress.

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    Very sorry to hear about Alan's injury. Will be praying for his speedy recovery.

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    Hi Katy, so sorry to hear that Alan got hurt.
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    Thanks for the heads up Katy, you guys will be in our thoughts. Hoping for a quick and complete recovery for Alan.
    Keep us informed please.
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    Scary stuff, I was glad to get to this part.

    Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

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    Tell Alan that AJ and I are sending positive, healing thoughts his way(and to you as well). Hang in there. He will be through this before you know it.
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    So sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with both of you. Glad to here he's doing better.

    Once Alan is home and recovering feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I went through a very similar injury to my left femur 5 years ago.
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    Sorry to hear that. A prayer sent your way.
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    Sorry to hear about that. My Grandpa in law went into the ICU at St. Al's on the night before our wedding for blood clots in his lungs and they took really good care of him, they are supposedly some of the best Doctors in the country for that sort of thing.
    We went and visited him after our wedding, the nurses said that was the first time they ever saw anyone in there with a wedding dress on. We spent a lot of time up there over the next three weeks and all of the nurses and PT staff were top notch so he is in good hands.
    Best of luck on a speedy and complete recovery.
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    Just got in, scary news, glad he is getting better. Prayers fom Phyllis and I .

    PM sent
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    Hi Katy, sorry to read about Alan's crash and injuries. We'll be praying for a speedy recovery.
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    WOW, that is scary news for sure. Prayers going out for both of you.
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    You are both in Laura and my prayers. Heal soon, heal well my friend!
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    You are both in my thoughts and I hope everything works out for the best
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    Take care you two! So sorry to hear about this. :cry
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    Best wishes to Alan and Katy. Have a speedy recovery Alan.
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    Hi Katy, that's awful news. Bad timing too, but aren't they all? Tell Alan to heal up quick. Thinking about you guys.
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    Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear best thoughts going out to you both --
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    My positive healing powers out to Allan. I did not think Allan did things like crash. Sounds like he is in the proper hands now. Thinking of you Katy.