Alarm question(disarming by the ignition key)

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  1. mixermsk

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    Feb 17, 2010
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    Hi. A have installed alarm (defcom 3 - similar to standard KTM alarm) on my 990Adv`11. Is it possible to disarm alarm by turning the ignition key? By default, turning the key activates the siren - I think that it`s a bad case.

    On my previous bike (F800GS), turn the key turned off the alarm (it is possible to continue driving with broken remotes without any problems). I would like the same on 990. Is it possible with this alarm?

  2. StevenD

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    Aug 3, 2005
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    that would render the alarm useless unless you have a chipped key and lock that will read it.. and you have that already so why not? If this alarm specifically can do it, i dont know...

    So my post is basically useless in you situation i guess.
  3. ST4s

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    Mixermsk, With the KTM alarms you get a code card that gives you the alarm disable code. You insert the key and turn on, yes the alarm will sound, count the number of flashes on the led then turn the key off after each code number of flashes have shown. Example, code 1234, turn key on and count 1 flash turn key off. Turn key on and count 2 flashes and turn key off. Do this until you have entered all the code numbers. On the next turn on the bike will run as normal. At least that is how I remember it is done. I have alarms on both of my KTM's. Just have to remember the activation code.