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Discussion in 'Americas' started by knobbyknob, Jan 18, 2013.

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    i'm going from Michigan to Alaska and back this coming summer. I'll be riding from Fairbanks to Deadhorse (gravel) and i'm also going to make a side trip to Great Slave Lake. i've been to Alaska before but never on a bike. i'll be riding a 2007 R1200GS with 37 K on the clock. the bike has always been shop maintained. it has new street tires and will get a new battery. i plan on having knobbies installed in Fairbaks prior to the ride to Deadhorse. the bike just had its 36K service done 1K ago. i'd like to know what you all think i should consider doing or checking on the bike before i head out. Many of you have ridden a 1200GS to Alaska and back. thanks..
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    I'll start the list even tho I ride an 1150GSA.

    First take photos of your bike cause it will never look that good again.

    Recommend you carry a spare 18" tube (it will also fit the 19" front).
    The last 50+ miles into Deadhorse used to be really jagged rock, slashed my rear wide open in 07

    1. 12K service (assume you've done this at 36K)
    2. Alternator belt changed at 36K?
    3. Battery (change to Oddessy PC680 if over 3 yrs old)
    4. Clean and lube shift linkage (do it again when you get back)
    5. Change fuel line quick-couplers to metal and check for cracks and repair fittings at tank.

    Have a great ride.
    See you at D2D ???
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    Calcium Chloride sucks. This is the water mixed compound they flood the Dalton with periodically to create a harder dust free road.

    When you ride over it wet, it spews up onto everything on your bike. Strongly suggest getting a fender extender to keep some of it off the bike.