Alaska Ride from SC/KY the movie !

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    Here it is....10 years since my long time riding buddy Gary ( 1UGLY ) and I , Charlie ( 2UGLY ), rode to Alaska, ( Deadhorse ) and back from KY/SC...a 45 day ride, about 50% camping/cooking and about 50% motels/hotels.

    We rode dirt/gravel as much as possible...took shortcuts...13,489 miles worth! It was June 2003 and we finally had planned our ultimate trip, I had just retired at 56 and Gary 52, took some time off from his Security Company. My bike was and still is, the best bike I ever owned, a 1990 R100GS-PD, red/white. Gary feels the same way about his 1992 R100GS-PD,black/teal. These bikes are now 23 and 21 yrs old, coming up on 100,000 miles each and going strong...still.

    We used Sony Camcorders and "lipstick cameras" mounted to the bikes to record video. We had Sony digital still cameras also and combined it all with appropriate music to make a full 2 hr long DVD movie. We have recently YouTubed the movie into 2 parts, available for everyone's viewing.
    I maintain a website of my own,( ), focusing on motorcycling and hot rods. The easiest way to get to our movie is to visit

    click on the links and see what you think.

    We are just amateurs in movie making, photography and riding, but many friends have complemented us on the work. It is done in a way that I would call a "documentary/music video" with some decent info for others who may be planning a trip. Hope someone can benefit from it.

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    Really enjoyed Part One last night.........watched the whole thing. Music was right in line with my favorites too!! Can't wait to see what happens on the way home........:lol3

    Thanks for taking the countless hours required to download, edit, add sound, special effects, etc, done good!!!!!!!