Albania Raid - 20 - 27 September 2013

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    For those who missed the Albania Rally in June there is a second change to ride in this amazing country during the Albania Raid which will be held from 20 - 27 September 2013.


    Albania Raid is a NON COMPETITIVE Off-Road Raid
    in the territory of Republic of Albania.

    Six days of riding on the remote areas of Albania
    mountains, the most undiscovered land in Europe.

    It is a unique group or personal experience in the
    remote mountains, forests, beaches, valleys and
    more; in seven days escape raid "out of civilization"
    in outback Albania.


    The everyday route is between 160-250 kilometers,
    90% of witch off-road.

    At the end of every day the group will be
    accommodated in standard three star hotels
    with all the best condition available.


    The route will be driven with Road Book
    and/or GPS waypoints. It will depend on the choice of
    the participant to choose what is better for his abilities
    of navigation through this raid.

    Albania Raid is a very best opportunity for adventure
    tourism, navigation training for athletes, physical
    training for rally or enduro competitors and of course a
    very intense and pleasant vacation time.


    The route is suitable for Moto and Quad
    and consist of everything; from stones, mud, dust,
    river crossing, forest, grass, valleys etc; and going
    from the sea level to 2400 meters altitude.

    Maximim number of vehicles for the 2013 edition is
    50 Moto and Quad together.


    only 699 Euros!!!

    For more information on bike transport have a look at