All purpose bike (travel aswell)?

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by gnosis89, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Hello, I am currently considering purchasing a 125cc due to the cost, fuel and engine life-stability. I am currently living in México and the roads here, well they are not very well ¨paved¨ so to say, although the majority are concrete. (I live off a dirt road actually.) I will be using the bike to run basic errands in the city and travel, which will involve ¨off road¨ type conditions most certainly, however I should think that mostly it will be concrete-stone type streets however not well maintained.

    In regards to Yamahas: Heard good things about the YBR 125, which made me interested in the YRB 125G, however I went in to the Yamaha dealership today and the guy told me the only difference really between the YBR 125G and the YBR125 R are the tires (the YRB125G having off road tires)...I did notice various differences such as a different design, handle protectors, a mud catching device on the front wheel etc...Those don´t seem too important to me, however the tires I am thinking about....The tires on the YBR125G are as I mentioned more off road tires, and I was told there that the tires on the YBR125R are more fit for what I´m looking for, because they´d have more traction on stone-concrete etc...and obviously more life in them as well. Apparently the motors are all the same (in the YBR 125´s that is).

    In regards to Honda: I´ve been looking at the CGL 125 tool, which I am very tempted to buy because it is quite a bit cheaper than any other bike I am looking at. Not sure if it is worth it to spend another $700 usd on the Honda XR125L but I´ve heard good things....Also supposedly someone here is selling a 2011 NXR 150 BROS for around $2,000 which is quite a bit cheaper than a new 2013 model.

    Anyways NEW it´s sort of a toss up between the following right now:

    Honda CG125 Cargo - I´ve heard good things, and that it´s sturdy, plus easy to acquire parts
    Honda CGL 125 TOOL - CHEAP, supposedly reliable (chinese made??)
    Yamaha YBR 125 R - Similar to the Honda Cargo...not sure if necessarily better.
    Honda XR125L - seems to be the only one of the above under 30,000 pesos mxn ($2,800usd) that can actually handle some off road as well. But not sure how it would hold up on the long distance travel.

    Possibility of used bikes:
    Honda XR125L - may be able to find one.
    Honda NXR50 bros - More power than any of the above, may help in long distance travel as well....hopefully can find the 2011 model in good condition for around $2,200 usd.
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    Did you decide on a moto?