Alpinestars Boot Repair/ReSole

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  1. Greco

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    Apr 11, 2006
    Colorado Springs
    So Greco-Boy aka "BigFoot" (size 12) let his MX buddies talk him into sharpening his pegs with a Dremel tool (mine). I didn't know he did this until he shows me the bottom of his now worn out Alpinestars this morning. His are the Tech 6 which have a replaceable section in front of the heel. Problem is, he rides on the balls of his feet and has not only worn out the replaceable part, but the ball of the foot as well.

    I know Alpinestars sells full replacement soles, but there aren't any in town and we are racing this weekend. Anybody know of a shoe cobbler that could get these patched up? I don't mind ordering the Alpinestars soles and having them installed once they arrive, but boy has holes in the soles and water is getting into the socks....not to mention the pegs are poking him in the foot.