alternative to Vapor console?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Moto gypsy, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Apr 27, 2012
    I purchased a Trail Tech Vapor for my DR about three weeks ago, and finished installation about three days before a major trip (not a smart move, I know). I used the switched accessory power leads behind the headlight shroud because I already have two direct taps off the battery. (At some point I'll put in a fuse block, but haven't had time to take on that project yet.)

    So far I've been pretty underwhelmed. I find the settings interface to be oddly cryptic, and the day-to-day user interface is also unintuitive...or will be until I memorize what / when to push which button. Through my trip the unit reset several times. Trail Tech suggested that noise on switched leads can cause the issue. Using a switched lead can cause the computer to reset? They also suggested that the internal battery can vibrate in and out of contact while riding, recommending installation of a bit of foam. Or, they suggested, my dealer (ProCycle) might have sold me an older unit with a failing battery.

    Finally, the ambient temperature sensor was 15>25 degrees too high, though another Vapor in a similar mounting location on a bike next to mine was accurate. Trail Tech said that as the internal electronics heat up, the units can routinely read 10 or more degrees too high.

    All of this sounds...well, like a promising product with problems including (a) electric noise filtration, (b) physical battery mount (c) ambient temperature sensor isolation or calibration, and for me, (d) challenging software.

    I'd like to return the Vapor if there's a decent alternative. I'd welcome your thoughts on alternatives.