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  1. Schatzman

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    Feb 2, 2010

    1. You are an idiot. It has been made clear by your posts.

    2. After reviewing your website, I am going to give you some advice:

    a. - You need to fire whoever designs your website. It looks like it was built in the early 90's when AOL was popular.
    b. - You should really learn to use water marks on your pictures. It is rather easy to steal all of your pictures.
    c. - You should try to give back to the site here. Stop being a cheap bastard and pay up for Smugmug. It will solve bullet points a & b

    3. The yellow text you use is really fucking asinine. It makes you look like an attention whore.

    4. If you don't know what my avatar is from, then that is your own problem. It is not a representation of me.

    Based on the above points I have determined you must be old as fuck. You may even give SFR a run for his money for oldest on this site. While I have not argued it is illegal to photograph people in public places, it is "sketchy" to set up shop down the road and take pictures of people who are against having their photos taken because of their religious conviction. The way you circumvent them knowing is the most perverted aspect of all. You are too much of a pussy to ask for their permission. I am sure you ask some, but it is obvious you don't ask all. Instead you look like a pervert who enjoys rubbing one out to Amish women while using a telephoto lens.

    PS- You do need a release form to do a documentary film on anyone.

    Can we kick this POS thread down to the basement and let it get some new legs?
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    Jan 19, 2004
    Oh Karl at least he seems to like your work :lol3 Just everything else about you is well huhuhuh hopeless:lol3.:lol3:lol3
    Schatzman try giving the rest of the world the respect you demand for the Amish.DB
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    hey, he owns a BMW.....what do you expect ??