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Discussion in 'Trials' started by Sting32, Nov 12, 2012.

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    well, It is not like I jump onto a full dress harley HOG, (see definition of ultra classic below) and expect to race up a mountan road. It is a Cruiser, if I wanna travel 300 miles it rides nice down the highways... even when you pass or get passed by a SEMI tractor trailer it holds it's own fairly well.

    (there is a lot more words in the name, all I can recall is "ultra classic" lol. but ULTRA means it has EVERYTHING they put onto the full dress bike, you know faring saddlebags, trunk, etc CB and headphone communnication system setup. Here's a stock photo of dad's 2003 100th anniversary one.


    But, I cant agree more about most of the rest of the HD bikes, are just frames with engines, not much more handling I guess... Kind of like what is seen in certain hotrods (rat rods especially) that might look "cool", but I'm like "really your going to drive that POS in a parade/cruise when it is above 90, no ac, and having to be stooped over, to see out the chop top?" Not me, lol, least you wont be roadracing in this thing with those drum brakes...