Another Jimmy Lewis Off Road Riding School Review

Discussion in 'Day Trippin'' started by Memento Mori, May 19, 2012.

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    May 6, 2012
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    I recently purchased a KLR650 with the intention of riding it very long distances both on and off road. That being said, I had never been riding off road in my life. After reading several excellent reviews of Jimmy's school on Adventure Rider, I booked a class last minute a few weeks ago, and had a fantastic time and learned a lot. Jimmy and Heather were fantastic. I wish I had taken a class like this years ago. I can't rave enough about my experience.

    I'm not sure what the proper forum etiquette is (If this is in bad taste, let me know), but I wrote up a detailed account of the class on my blog:

    Jimmy Lewis School - Day 1

    Jimmy Lewis School - Day 2

    I'm looking forward to getting my motorcycle off road again, because sitting down does not even begin to compare to standing on the pegs. I wish I knew about this 20 years ago.