Any advice for riding Pakistan?

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Rex Nemo, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Rex Nemo

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    I'd love to hear it--especially as a woman from the US. I'll be with a group on small loaner bikes, riding up to Khunjerab Pass in July. Others' experiences welcome.
  2. Captn Spock

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    at the risk of sounding politically biased and wrong. I'd say you're better off doing more research about it than less. Pakistan is a troubled state with poverty, crime and links to extremist groups. Trouble is never too far over there..

    I would feel very unsafe riding through it if I were a woman; and American at that.

    Just my 2 cents.
  3. Pecha72

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    I rode thru Pakistan from Iran to India with my GF as pillion 5 years ago. She had to obey the local dressing codes (wear a scarf, plus she decided to wear some cloth on top of her leather suit, so she kind of hid her female figure a bit, but this was optional, the head scarf however, was best to keep or there could have been problems). We never had any problems there, just incredibly friendly people. I believe the NWFP and Baluchistan are hotspots these days, the Karakoram Highway route should be relatively safe, and if your in a group, the organisers should know the areas that are safe and that are not safe. Happy travels!
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    Since I have a lot of experience in that region, I would strongly encourage you to look elsewhere for your motorcycle adventures. Horrible consequences are literally a stone's throw away and while there are wonderful people that live there, the wrong ones are some of the worst you'll see.

    There are plenty of places (even in the region) that are safer, more hospitable and just as beautiful. That place is a mess and you couldn't pay me to go there...well...maybe you could.

    If you do decide to go, do your homework and find someone to go with you that ABSOLUTELY know the areas you'll be travelling in. Along with knowing the areas, make sure you know your guide very very well and can trust them (as far as you can trust anyone)...and...take the time to learn the language, it can save your ass.

    My best advice, pick somewhere else, this region is not a game and it's not a tourist destination. Life there is cheap...and Americans have a lot of money...
  5. Witold

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    What kind of group? What did they tell you? Did you ask them how many women they have had on tours?

    Things are a lot different when you're alone dressed in Western clothes versus in a big group with locals and foreigners along with you.
  6. cycleadventure

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    Jun 15, 2013
    Pakistan is a nice country then but with current political instability and existence of various extremist group its kind of a risk. If you really want to be their, keep yourself limited to the major cities. Anyway do a better study before landing your self on Pakistan..
  7. Kernalpanx

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    Lived and worked in Karachi in the 90s for 2 years... Can't say I would recommend it.. I lived in a compound in Clifton a relatively wealthy and we'll guarded neighborhood... Even then women were never to walk alone outside the compound if they were foreigners... Much worse now then in the 90s. How big is your group and what company is running the tour... Everyone has a price in poor countries

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  8. Mark Manley

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    Did you actually do this trip? it would be interesting to here about it if you did, Pakistan was about the most exciting place I have visited but that was in the 1990's when it was a lot safer.