Any good trails in Manitoba?

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    Hello everyone. Noob here. I will be getting my motorcycle license in a week and i am wondering if any of you know of any decent trails or routes to ride in Manitoba. If any of you dual sporters have been here, i'd appreciate it if you gave me any recommendations on where to ride. The only places i can think of to ride (so far) would be the russell trail, and in the duck mountains. I've been on the russell trail about 6 times though, and it is very short- only about a 45 minute ride, maybe. If any of you have been on the trails in the ducks, how well groomed were they? Maybe i'll go up there in a few weeks and camp out or something. I don't know if there's anywhere ideal in eastern manitoba near winnipeg, but i figure there's gotta be some pegger on this site, and who knows, maybe they'll stumble upon this post.

    Also, if you know of any in eastern saskatchewan, feel free to say.

    Great site, btw. Seems to be a very friendly crowd.
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