Any one running the Avon on the Ural?

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by Bonnie & Clyde, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Jan 10, 2006
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    I will need some tires shortly. I think at the 10,000KM service I will buy two tires. My dealer showed me what he has and gave me his thoughts. I cant believe the price range on tires from $70 for the Duro, $130 for the Heundou (or how ever you spell it, Heck I cant even say it) and the Avon $155. This is the Avon Im talking about.

    AVON MKII 19"

    Ok the Uralshinas i thought were fine but I never had them in the mud or deep sand. I had them wet and on dusty rocky forest road and traction was not optimal but liveable. Fine on the street but only got about 3,200km on the first pusher. Cant get them any more.

    Duro looks comparable to the Uralshinas and the price is right but life is short still.

    Heundaiu looks like a good tire and more off road capable. Its wider and would be an advantage off road. Wide equals more rotating mass (good or bad). I dont know that I need more traction off road as I dont take if off road as much as my solo's. Is the life span any better for the price?

    The Avon I like the tread pattern. It looks like a compramise in road performance and off road traction. They are slightly taller profile so I would need to put one on the pusher and side car so when engaged in two wheel drive they are equalish on rotating. Slightly taller marginal speed gain on the road. I have Avons on my BMW they are great tires and last a long time. Avon is a Brittish tire and has a good rep. The price is crazy! Anyone running them and can you provide me some feed back? I would be fine on the price if I could double the life span over the Uralshina.
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    I have a '07 Patrol and recently purchsed 3 Avon SM Mark II rear tires (4.00 x 19). Got them from DennisKirk at $117 ea. Shipping was $15 for the 3. I have not installed 'em yet but the thread block looks good. At first I thought that it may have a car type tread pattern but it's more similar to the OEM Ural tires. I'll be installing them within the next couple always gets in the way of my fun...always...darn....
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    Nov 15, 2007
    I had these ona RE Bullet and they handled great. Grinding footpegs in not time. When the time comes, I will be putting these on my patrol.