Anybody Changed A BMW C650GT Headlight Bulb?

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by Rugby4life, Aug 12, 2013.

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    The easiest way my be to remove the headlight assembly. Can you gain access to the assembly by removing the left & right fairing panels? I ask this as it is very cumbersome to access the back of the headlight assembly on a GSA as directed but a piece of cake with the assembly removed!
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    Actually I'm rereconsidering my position on this issue.:lol3
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    Sorry it took me so long to update this thread but life has been getting in the way. After speaking with the customer service rep, I got a follow-up call from a tech services rep. After reviewing the shop manual, they tinkered around with a GT and came up with an alternate procedure that doesn't call for disassembling the entire front of the bike. It was supposed to be a 20 minute service but it took me 45 since it was my first try, plus I got everything buttoned back up before realizing I hadn't replaced the rubber socket cover and had to pull it all apart again. Thankfully it can all be done with a T-25 torx head driver and a Phillips head screwdriver.

    1. Remove the right side panel

    2. Disconnect and remove the battery
    3. Remove the 2 screws holding the battery box (bottom left side and top right back?

    4. Cut 2 zip ties on back of battery box
    5. move the box out of the way

    6.If your arm is small and limber enough, you can gain access to the rear of the headlight socket
    7. *** Bonus good news, the instrument panel retains it's memory so you don't have to reset the clock after reconnecting the battery.