Anybody knocking around central Mexico right now?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by pax maac, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Toluca, Mexico (near Mexico City)
    So I'm on vacation until February 12th and had planned to go to Guatemala with a friend, but things got in the way so he had to cancel on me.

    Anybody around central Mexico looking for someone to ride with or share costs with or something? I'd like to head to the southeast- Oaxaca/Chiapas/Yucatan or Guatemala. Looking to go someplace warmer/more interesting than the freezing pit of Toluca that I live in.

    For those who care, I ride an 1100GS, so I tend to avoid true offroad terrain, but this being Mexico I take what comes my way. And I speak Spanish.

    I will be ready to go in a couple of days, probably Thursday or Friday at the latest.
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