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    I'm making a long trip to Kathmandu at the end of the summer and am thinking about taking some extra days on the front end for a ride from Delhi to Kathmandu. I'll be in Nepal for a couple years and would like to buy a bike to ride around Nepal while I live there. I'm thinking of perhaps buying a bike in Delhi and riding it in, then keeping it for the time I'm in Nepal. I understand that it'd be ideal to buy a Nepal registered bike, but I don't plan to ride out of Nepal and India, and so it's my understanding that a Indian registered bike would work for my situation. I also understand that I may be able to pick up a Royal Enfield cheaper in India (not that I'm married to the idea of a R.E. - really any steed that'll hold up to the long distance would suffice - but then again something is to be said for the classic big thumper's style and character). My riding will not be around Kathmandu proper - but rather spent escaping the city's madness for some back road putting around up into the surrounding mountain villages.

    Thoughts and suggestions?? Anyone know a guy who knows a guy... Or maybe IS the guy!! I'm not tied to anything except arrival in Kathmandu by the 17th of August. Rent, buy, fly into a closer airport, etc... I'm game for whatever I can make the best plan with.

    FYI- I have about 20yrs riding experience with some good long trips under my belt. Never been riding in India nor Nepal, however. I'm a wrench and can take care of an old steed on the road...
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    Both the visa rules and bike registration/import/export rules are very strict. You need to review those first. You might need 're-entry' permits for India. You might not be even able to buy a new bike in India, and if you buy used you might not be able to get it out of the country. Etc, etc.

    For the logistics, I recommend signing up on forum and asking how people are doing it these days. I'm sure it can be done. But this is still bureaucratic India and there is good chance of it being a huge PIA that takes a ton of time.

    As for the bike, the new RE models that cost $4500 seem perfectly nice and seem very reliable. In contrast, the cheap old RE are not reliable at all. It's a heap pile of unreliable parts and something always keeps breaking on these bikes. It's a grocery store bike, not a travel bike.

    The good news is that parts and labor are cheap, but you could say the same thing about every other Indian bike. I had no trouble getting parts for Karizma ZMR220 or for Pulsar 220 anywhere, for example. At worst, it's a one week delay as parts get shipped from somewhere. So I would not say that this is a big plus for RE.

    Also, there are a lot of cool new 'bigger' bikes coming to or already introduced in India. There are a lot more choices today than even 3 years ago. Ninja 250/300, CBR250, 220cc bikes, etc. Even KTM Duke 390 is arriving, which is going to be a beast. That said, I would only buy the foreign bikes if there is a dealer near you so you can have it serviced properly.