Anyone in North Myrtle Beach SC 29597?

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    Right this might get moved to Jo Mamma but I thought this would be a narrower/better audience. (sorry if I'm out of bounds with this...)

    Any chance for a little help?

    I'm hoping to ride in the Cape Fear 1000 this Friday. The post office seems to have lost my envelope that I had sent to the rally master's PO box in North Myrtle Beach. A copy of my insurance declaration needs to be there by end of day (tomorrow) Tuesday 4/14. Is there anyone in North Myrtle Beach that could help me out? I'm hoping I could send an email with an attachment of what I need mailed, and have someone print it, put it in an envelope with a stamp, and bring it to the North Myrtle Beach Post Office. In affect an overnight/same day delivery.

    Name your price...

    Thanks for any consideration!!!