Anyone try carfax?

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    Yes, it downgrades very good cars! Beware when a claim is made as it will cost you down the line & dealers will jump on anything that swings money their way. If your adjuster is being "kind" they can help ease the pain by a padded estimate but there you go!!! another way that our insurance goes up. I suggest that anytime your car is damaged, especially in a small way &/or a claim is made, take pictures & save them. I used high rez pics to demonstrate my hail damage was minor on last car. I still had jerks on my ebay auction suggesting it was a bad car-even though it was listed in the auction. Information is either golden or dangerous,huh?
    Another "jewel" is when the other guy hits you & the LEO's write it up as a 50/50 accident-so they dont have to go to court, then the other guy , who has no insurance files against your policy and collects & THEN! your rates go up. We had 3 teens driving at one time & I had this happen several times & was never my sons fault but cost me dearly.
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    I made the mistake of getting a CF after I bought the damn car. It was useful. Found out the car was imported from Canada and was in 2 accidents the dealer just happen to forget to tell me about.
    Most dealers will give you a CF without charge, well the honest ones at least.

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    I usually try and get the Carfax from the dealer as others have stated. I do think they are helpful with ownership history. I was looking at a Land Rover and the Carfax indicated that it had 7 owners in 9 years, so I moved on. I also look at where it was owned. For older cars, I stay away from vehicles from the states that use a lot of salt. I see quite a few (on sites like autotrader) used car dealers that buy cars from the Northeast or upper mid-west and try and sell them in the southeast from reviewing the Carfax.
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    carfax, for people that can't tell a piece of shit car from a turd.

    if I print up a second piece of paper, that says the first was wrong, and its only shuttled hot ass womenz to yoga classes and blowjob clinics, would you feel better ?

    cause that's what carfax is.