Anyone wearing KTM riding gear?

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  1. wheeler23

    wheeler23 Adventurer

    May 3, 2013
    Corn Field County Indiana
    Was wondering if anyone was wearing the race light pro jacket, the race comp jacket, or the hydroteq offroad pants? Good gear? How water proof is it? Anyone know who makes these for KTM?
  2. imsroll

    imsroll BigBoreSavant

    Jan 15, 2013
    Pahrump, Navada
    i have the pro light jacket. good jacket at an unbeatable price. i have yet to wear it through water but it keeps me warm when its cold and keeps me cool when it's 100 here
  3. OlivierS

    OlivierS Adventurer

    Feb 9, 2013
    A friend of mine asked 'Do you get free KTM gear when you buy a KTM? Cause everybody riding KTM seems to wear it'

    And that is exactly the reasons why I didn't buy it. I have heard the rally suit is pretty good though.
  4. Lurkerlou

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    Jan 1, 2012
    Kamloops BC
    I own the race light jacket and its a good jacket for spring on my 300 and the odd short trip on the adventure but it lacks protection needed for me to want to take it too far. I like crash protection and that's not really its purpose.

    I own the adventure HQ pants and jacket as well and it's what I wear the rest of the time. It's a really well built jacket and pants that are nice and waterproof but it has the cheapest zipper pulls you'd be ashamed to have on a $10 windbreaker. Broke 3 of them off in the first week and probably should have returned the suit. It's a shame because the rest of the suit is so well built.
  5. Eataz

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    Sep 26, 2012
    Sweden, In the middle
    I have the hydroteq pants, so far they seem good. Never really exposed them to heavy rain so cant speak for the waterproofness. Good venting and can be opened very far to fit over mxboots.

    One problem i had is the rubber that the buttons at the waist are attached to fell off, so i only have the velcro and the zipper. But it works.
  6. ColoradoBigfoot

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    Apr 27, 2012
    Front Range, CO
    I have Street EVO jacket (2012) and rally pant (2012). Jacket has permanent rain liner between mesh interior and outside. Also came with removable zippered thermal liner. Has CE armor in the usual places. Pants are good. Comes with removable rain liner and separate thermal one to. Jacket and pant zipper together although separate products. CE armor (knees only) in pants are crap (do not cover knee area very good). I removed them and just use skateboard-type pads. Botth appear to be fully waterproof, although I have only ridden in t-storms and not all day in the rain. Zippers are easy to use w/ gloves. Pant pockets are positioned well and when used are not noticable when riding. Jacket collar could be taller/softer.
    Jacket might be a little warm on the hottest of days...90'ish.
    I give them both a thumbs up for style, function, and craftsmanship.
  7. Afry

    Afry Why hike?

    Aug 8, 2011
    Ramona, Ca
    I just got the Race Comp jacket. Claims to be waterproof but I doubt it. My needs are a jacket for cool mornings then when I end up off-road afternoons in the desert I want protection and venting.

    I took the elbow and shoulder armor out of it and wear a Vanson 1000D full vented armor under it and when it gets hot I zip off the sleeves. I wouldn't go around the world with it but it works for me locally. It looks like it will shed light rain or low clouds when riding in the mtns but not in a downpour.

    In the cooler months I will put the armor back in and skip the Vanson.

    It's a little brighter than I want but figure the vis is good on the street.

    Quality seems decent, not great like my Klim gear but not crap like my old Fly gear which is well designed but poorly made with very crappy zippers.
  8. Pete640

    Pete640 Long timer

    Nov 23, 2008
    I have the KTM rallye jacket and pants. Both fit me well and are great for the riding that I do but they are definately not water proof. Plenty of room and pockets, good ventilation but they do get warm in the summer months. Also I prefer my pants over my boots - not tucked in.
    I wear a neck brace offroad so the zip off neck is a bonus. Jacket keeps the brace in place. After 3 years the zips are still functioning well but the orange on the shoulders has faded significantly which would be my only complaint. Fabric is still perfect tho.
    Sure there are better outfits/sets out there on the market but for the $$$ I dont think you can beat them... oh and i have the over jacket rain shell from KTM as well which is 100% waterproof but that was an ebay steal at $2...:deal
  9. wilso122

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    Feb 6, 2012
    London, Blighty
    I have the KTM pure adventure pants, I use them for commuting in London all year round on my scooter...... Anyway that aside bought them in October 12,so they have done all winter and spring, being the UK it rains,, a lot... and we actually had snow! can't fault them so far!

    To be fair though off-roading I just use cheap MX pants and ex-army gore-tex pull over waterproofs. Its the cheapest and dryest combo possible with sealskinz waterproof socks... When I crash I don't want to rip some expensive trousers again.....

  10. olec

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    Jun 10, 2008
    Norway - the land of the Vikings
    Have had and been using Rally Jacket and Adventure pants since 2008.
    Jacket: Mainly because I wear the Leatt as much as possible. Fabric is outstanding and it takes lots of beating. Still looking good and no damages even after crashes on gravel and in the woods. It wents quite good but it can be a tad on the warm side for those really hot days. If you get moving quickly, then it is ok. I have used it in "showers" of rain. One shower lasted about 30 minutes and it was pissing so bad the vision was very limited. I had no place to go so I kept riding until I got to a friend. The jacket is not stated to be waterproof, but I was dry to the skin in the lower part. The problem is that the area around the neck will never be waterproof enough due to the removable collar for the neck brace. So water is coming in in that area. But smaller showers and light to medium rain is "ok" for this jacket. When I know it will be pouring down for several hours, I will take my Lindstrands instead.
    Zippers must be kept an eye of and regular silicone them. If you do I must say that the jacket is a steal.

    Adventure pants: Very robust but made for colder climate. Not enough venting and I cannot use it in warmer summer days. This one is waterproof and has multiple layers to remove if wanted, like insulating layer and wp layer. In wintertime when temp is freezing but moderate (with studded tires) I can use the pants w/o anything under if I keep all three layers inserted. But with all layers installed it is very bulky and not so usable for moving around.

    I´ve had lots of other KTM clothes too and still have several MX / enduro pants. I must really say that the quality is very good on most things they sell. If I compare to others like Shot, ONeil etc., the KTM stuff beats them. The only other pant which can match the KTM´s is the FOX 360. That one I´ve had since 2005 and it is still in the original shape. And I have used it in LOTS of races.