April roundtrip CA to TX loop offroad...CA,AZ,NM,TX...ideas?

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    I apologize if I am casting too wide of a net here, but I'm trolling for offroad ideas for a trip in April. Here's the scoop...

    Heading to Austin, TX leaving April 13 from San Francisco (MotoGP race at new Circuit of the Americas is the destiny) I know the mountain passes will be shite at that time of year, so I'm planning on blasting down to Bakersfield as start and end of a loop.

    I am on a beastly BMW 1150 GS packed heavy as I'll be traveling alone. I am wanting to do as much off-roading as is doable in my timeframe but nothing crazy difficult. I did a 4400 mile solo trip last year (CA,NV,UT,WY,MT,ID,OR) of the same sort and the soft sands of Nevada almost had me begging for tarmac.

    So...I'd like to swing low on the way to Tucson (stop and see family) and then come back a little more north to end with some stuff in Death Valley.

    AZ dual-sporters...what's some fun scenic stuff east-to-west low and then more up north the other way? So much road, I know...big question.

    I have every benchmark atlas for these states (worked wonders for my last long-haul trip) so I'll be doing my homework, but just thought I'd throw it out there so anyone can spout whatever comes to mind...I'll look it up and let ya'll know.

    Cheers for now...

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    Can't say much for the CA,AZ part . But the NM part is certainly doable on a GS type of bike. The BLM stuff can be plowed county dirt roads much of the time. You may have to do a little North/South jogging around at times however but you will not get into much bad weather in April down in SW or SE NM. The key is to stay below 6K ft as you likely know. In NM that means to look at US60 and stay South of that going across. PM me when you get to NM and we can show you some of our favorites....food,riding, NM hospitality:1drink:dg.