Arctic project (Epic Arctic Ride)

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    Dec 25, 2011
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    I realize that the thread is over a year old but it was still a good reading! I really enjoyed the RR and sorry how things ended both on the road and with the TV producer. I hope things will work out for you eventually!

    Thank for sharing your wonderful experience with us!
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    May 14, 2004
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    Hi there! Thanks!
    Actually I am happy for the experience on the road.. Seeing this part of the country in winter was unreal.. I look at the hundreds of pictures and videos I have and the beauty of the arctic in the winter, still brings tears of awe and wonder to my eyes? Plus, 10,000 of winter land to ride in and 5 weeks to do it for free as it was all paid, is something I am thankful for.
    I know I am blessed to have done something like this.

    As for the producer? Oh-Well! Chalk it up to experience.. His loss my gain.
    I think, we all have at one point or another, chosen our friends (In some cases, big word) poorly. I am working on something myself, but it is slow.. I am working in Fort McMurray for a few years now and it is all I do. Work, sleep, work, sleep.
    But when I am done and with the $$$$ I will have saved, I will resume the winter stuff. Hopefully.

    And Ron! The grips are skukom aren't they. Could not have done any of my trips without them and the Hyppo Handz.. You GOTTA Have those too..

    Looking forward to see you again..
    And thanks for everything.. All this would not be what it is without you..