Are motocross boots too much?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by cdogg44, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. dragos

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    Jul 27, 2004
    The one who states an opinion, not a fact, is you.
    I couldn't care less about what you tell to yourself in order to justify wearing more comfortable boots, but those Sidis are way less protective than SG 10s.
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    Some people in this thread prefer the BMW GS Pro boots. If the BMW labeling is what you're after, then it's your money. I think they're around $440 at this moment.

    They appear to be the exact same boot as the Forma Dominator Comp 2.0, which are $280. If you'd like to spend an extra $160 for the BMW label, you probably own a BMW and your choice makes sense.

    Personally, I have Alpinestars Scouts and Sidi Crossfire 2. The Scouts are waterproof, but don't appear to offer nearly the protection of the Sidis. I've had minor crashes in both offoad, with no problems (XT225, DRZ400S). Both are comfortable walking in for short distances. If I was mostly commuting and riding around on easy gravel, I'd probably pick the Scouts. If I was riding on moderate to difficult gravel, single track, etc. I'd take the Sidis. Fortunately for me, I have both.

    As for Vendramini Elephant boots, I've never even heard of them. However, looking at them, it appears they have 2 buckles with lots of velcro to hold the top closed. My experience with velcro is that it has a limited life span. Just on this, I'd pass. I'd prefer a buckle or two in place of most (or all) of the velcro.

    OP: Gaerne GX1 are your answer. Cheap, good protection, comfortable (or so I've read). That's what I'd be looking at.
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    hey thanks for the discussion dragos, I really like that on this forum we can share experiences and the results found. Like i said initially - I have no doubts that the SG10's are more protective, after all that's why i bought them and continue to use them!. And yes, I did share an opinion as to what I've found - as did you. I shared it because i have had experience with both types of boots and I felt that what I had found through wearing both was valid and answered the OP's question.

    Undoubtedly the SG10's offer more protection - we both agree on that. I guess its just the degree to which they are safer where we have had different results.

    safe riding mate, if you are ever down this way pm me and we'll go for a skid.
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    I got my SG-12's about 5 years ago on closeout for $400 and I can count the number of times I would have broken a bone in my foot had I not been wearing them. They are terrible for walking in, heavy and stiff. But they offer so much protection it is worth it. Yesterday I was out for a dirt ride and ended up dropping the bike on my foot, got a little bit of bruising and that's it. If I was wearing my crappy fox comp 5's I would be at the hospital getting stitches.

    Some of you have the wrong idea that some light dual sport riding on a bigger bike is not hardcore enough to warrant the extra protection. I think of myself as a pretty capable rider and do a lot of hard enduro rides. I have hurt myself a lot more dropping a 370lb DR650 on myself than my 240lb 2 stroke. And when things start to get out of shape on a big bike, it can go bad quick.
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    Depends on the boots, I only wear my Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS for shorter more technical rides these days because they are so non-breathable, yet also non-waterproof, that my feet are always soaked after a few hours whether conditions are wet or dry.

    So I got a pair of Sidi Adventure Goretex and find myself wearing them more often. They're still not very breathable, and not as well built as the Crossfire. But I find them a good tradeoff for adventure riding, they're about as flexible as they could be and still provide a good platform for a decent amount of standing. I wish they had a hard cap on the toe as it would add protection and they are taking wear on the toe leather from rocks.
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    As I am mainly a dirt rider new to the adventure riding world I am finding out what you say is very true.I got a africa twin and take it places it really should not go.If anything I am going to start wearing my tech 8,s and keep some sneakers in the saddlebag for walking.These big bikes can crush you.I have been wearing my alpine star scouts which are comfy but offer little protection.To much nasty dirt riding for the scouts.
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  7. Pch123

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    I actually really like my GS Pro, which were quite a reasonable price and lasting well. Can't find Forma Dominator Comp 2 down here, but when I looked them up they were the same price as my GSPro

    I also have a pair of Sidi Adventure 2 for road riding and gravel.
    I thourghly recommend both, whether yo ride a Beemer or not.
  8. jacoba331

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    May 6, 2010
    Yea those Sidi Goretex boots are very nice. Just way out of my price range. Goretex boots are easy/ no hassle and they work.

    The only problem I have found with Goretex boots is once water gets in them (deep creek crossing or standing in water trying to pick up a bike). It can take days to get them dry on the inside... Goretex is Goretex.

    I have some nice garne MX boots I snagged on eBay for around $110 and comparably priced Klim Goretex socks that go up to the knee. If water gets in my boots.. it drys quickly and my feet stay dry inside the Goretex as the sock goes all the way up to the knee and has somewhat of a seal around my riding socks.

    Maximum protection and maximum dry feet at a cheaper price than Goretex boots.... it's just sucks sometimes cause it's another thing to deal with. Goretex boots like the Sidis are just too nice and easy to ignore on long trips/ touring. They will be my next purchase.