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Discussion in 'EMEA' started by syman, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. syman

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    Mar 27, 2013
    Hi Pals,
    I and a friend of mine are planning a road trip from India till Europe on Indian Passports. To start with I have a made a rough plan of the route and the countries we will be crossing. As this is our first cross border road trip I had a few queries below for assistance from you experienced folks.
    · Any inputs on the route. If we are missing something worth crossing or if we better avoid one for safety reasons
    · Any tips on the Visas for the countries we plan to cross
    · List of the countries on my route which mandatorily need a Carnet for crossing. As we plan to take Carnet only for minimal number of countries as Carnet is pretty expensive in India
    · Any particular choice of the year to select from for the trip
    · I need the websites that help in getting the invitation and room booking receipt without actually booking it

    Last and the most important- We plan to sell the bikes in Europe and to fly back to India. My query
    · Is it possible to do so unofficially though?
    · What will be the procedure?
    · How much in USD do you think I can get for the below bikes(assuming each one of them to be a year old) and which of them will be easiest to sell in Europe

    1. Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350- 350cc, 18BHP.
    2. Bajaj Avenger- 220 Cc- 220cc, 19BHP.
    3. Honda CBR 250- 250cc, 27 BHP.
    4. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS- 200cc, 23BHP.
    5. Hero Impulse- 150cc, 13BHP.
    Any help will be highly appreciated as we both although not new to bikes are very new to cross border travel.

  2. alicethomas

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    Palatinate, Germany
    Hello Syman,

    a vehicle without EU Certificate of Conformity is worthless, it can't be registered and may not be used. Maybe the TUEV India in Mumbai can help you to get an CoC.
    Another possibility: if you found a residence in Germany, than you can register your foreign vehicle (already registered for at least 6 months in your country) much easier.
    Of your bikes, the RE Bullet would be the most interesting for Germans, RE is ridiculous expensive here. Honda is well known, we have enough. Bajaj and Hero are only of insiders interest.
    But price is highly depending on the bikes condition.

    I don't know if you need an carnet for your bike entering the EU. But once you are in the EU, it is more like a big country with federal states.
    Same with Visa. You'll need one and in will be valid in all EU "Schengen" countries.

    I can't give you any information of "unofficially" and "... without actually booking it". That is not our culture.

    Riding season depends on your sensitiveness to snow and cold. But beeing in Bangalore, you are probably not much tougher than my relatives from Sri Jayawardenepura.
    Just this day, I've ridden in subzero temperatures on icy streets in 600m altitude and walked through snow to the top of the hill. And it is already spring and I am living in the warmest part of Germany.
    Lowest temperature last week was -23°C in the colder parts!
    Best time for you is summer. Even than a cold snap might bring snow in the mountains.
  3. Dino de Laurentiis

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    Very interesting!

    I am a Swede planning such a trip, only with my own bike, shipped to India and then ridden back. I'm planning to go in early 2015, and I am looking for companions for the ride. I'm planning my trip so that I will be back in central Europe by late April/early May. I have not yet started to look at carnets and such, but I might have a friendly connection in Iran. See this thread:

    As for the price of your bikes, a Honda CBR 250R retails new for around 5500 euros in Sweden, but even if you could get all the required certificates, I think you could only get half of that, at most, if you sell it in Europe. Probably even less. As for the other ones, no idea, I'm afraid, except that the Bajaj and Hero probably won't be worth much, if anything, like alicethomas suggests above. I'm not sure about "our culture" though, I've seen my share of shady deals here. In other words, you can probably find someone to offload your bikes to, but for a significant price hit to an already low price.