Atlanta Riders - Stay AWAY from the Key Road/Constitution area.

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    Oct 14, 2011
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    Aug 15, 2012
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    Been to Atlanta numerous times and never once had a problem. However, only an idiot would think that that city is always under all circumstances a safe place to be. It has its problems just like every other city. As a white man there are places that I have been that I was scared to death at times. Detroit, East St Louis, and Cleveland Ohio comes to mind as places that I have been in scary situations with people of a different ethnic background than myself. You have your good and bad everywhere. I don't stereo type, and I give everybody the same chance until they prove themselves a jerk. I am nearly always packing unless I am in another country. As for your so called concealed carry permit? I can tell you where to stick that, because I have never had one, and I never will. They are unconstitutional IMHO, and I am not going to pay a government $400 for them to give me a piece of paper:deal to do something that my ancestors fought to win the right to do, bare arms! I will also keep whatever kind of weapon I choose, and will not be fumbling with a safe combination or lock at two in the morning when low lifes break into my house. They will always be loaded and readily accessible at all times. Just because a bunch of idiots take mind altering prescribed medications and feel they need to go on a murdering spree, doesn't mean that I have to change my lifestyle or put myself, family or property at risk. Remember that most of the famous people who are trying to revoke American's second amendment rights, have armed private guards, and are fine with themselves being protected. I even bet that they have more than ten rounds in their magazines. As long as the Government is buying fully automatic weapons with armor piercing rounds, we as free citizens should also be able to do the same.
    When you see me out on the trail, you will never know if I am armed or not, because I won't have the gun out waving it around like some embicile who does not know his butt from a hole in the ground, but know that I will be one of the nicest people you will ever meet and if push comes to shove, I got your back.
    By the way, I love Atlanta, it is one of the few big cities that I would gladly live in if I absolutely had to live in a big city. :clap