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Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by johnjen, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. johnjen

    johnjen I've Been Resigned

    Nov 28, 2001
    ADVrider is all about choices.

    We all make them and our strength has been that we allowed everyone as much latitude as possible.

    This is truly a double edged sword in that there will always be those who push the limits of the written rulz. For many, many years the one major guideline in GSpot was civility. As long as the discourse was kept civil, folks could banter back and forth to their hearts content.

    With our ‘success’ we have added many new participants who have no experience with our traditional rough and tumble ways. These new folks expectations are at odds with the ‘old timers’ way of doing things. This has lead us to our current ‘problem’.

    You see, the technical forums we have here are about helping any and all who have questions or problems. In days of old, helping would ofttimes include some degree of ‘gentle’ ribbing, which is where the civility rule came from. Getting ribbed was a form of endearment. It also helped to identify those who 'got it' from those who didn't.

    Of course there are those who have learned just where the limits of what is an ‘acceptable’ post and they are quite expert at staying just this side of that line. Unfortunately in the long term and when this becomes the 'norm' of the content of their posts, this form of behavior has undesirable consequences. One of these is seen as a form of negativity that permeates the forum. Another consequence is, others figure that this form of behavior is acceptable because it doesn’t ‘break the rulz’.

    So what is my point in all of this? We the Mods are having to take steps to deal with this. After banging our collective heads together we have devised a guideline that can be applied to any situation. For some, as long as the words of the rulz were being followed, then what was posted was ‘OK’. But the intent behind the rulz was being ignored. This type of arrogance simply can’t cut it any more.

    Some of you may be familiar with being banned or being miserablized, well, soon you can be insufferablized.

    In short we will exclude from GSpot (or any other forum) those, who after being suitably warned, continue to post in a manner that violates the intent of civility. Ok so what does ‘exclude’ really mean? It means you’ll be able to read any thread in the forum but will not be able to participate, IN ANY WAY.

    The selection of who will be insufferablized will be entirely up to the mods.
    Whining after the fact usually just cements the decision in place (remember the rule “ALL Mod decisions are final, don't whine about it”), which is found here

    which we suggest EVERYONE read…

    All thanks to those few who habitually have to push buttons to the detriment of the many who have to live with the consequences.

    JJ & GB
  2. GB

    GB . Administrator

    Aug 16, 2002
    Just in case you missed the posted Rules in the Announcement section, here they are again:

    Welcome to GSpot - Oilhead Boxers! Here's where we talk about BMW GS Boxers: R1100GS, R1150GS, R1200GS / Adventure / HP2

    Please use Road Warriors for Megamoto related gab.
    Please use GSpot - Parallel Universe for F800GS related gab.
    Please use Thumpers for all single cylinder gab.

    Many common maintenance procedures have been documented in sticky threads at the top of this forum and in the Hall of Wisdom, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on WISDOM. If you don’t find it there, it’s best to use Google to search this site: Using Google to search ADVrider helps the site by reducing its server load. It also allows for three character searches. Do the following: " (enter search term)" in a Google search. For example, here's an ADVrider Google search for the term "motorcycle".

    What doesn't fly here?

    No personal attacks. :nono
    No spam. :nono
    No for sale/wanted ads (they belong in the Flea Market). :nono
    No cross posting threads pointing to Flea Market threads. :nono
    No vendor posts (they belong in Vendors). :nono
    No whining about other websites or webmasters. :nono
    No posting of copyrighted material, such as pointers to pirated factory shop manuals, etc. :nono

    And.. no links to that Hitler GS video.. It was funny the first twenty times. 200 times later.. you post it, we nuke you. :ban

    Obviously your typical garage language gets a pass, 'cause, well, most of us talk like that. But no obviously provocative, racist, or similarly offensive nonsense makes the cut. When in doubt, picture a room with young/old/male/female gearheads and act like you're speaking out loud enough for all to hear. In other words, show some consideration to others, because no matter who you are, this place ain't all about you.

    We want to keep all of our interactions CIVIL. :thumb

    Don’t disrupt a thread with personal attacks. If you’ve got a beef with the author, discuss it using Private Messaging, or if you must, post it in Jo Momma. We promise you’ll get an impartial reception by 40 thousand very articulate inmates there.

    If you see something that doesn't belong, instead of responding in public, simply click on the Blame John link to report the post and we'll handle things from there. In other words, don't feed the trolls.

    And let's not forget this one: ALL Mod decisions are final, don't whine about it. :deal

    Always remember that this place is the sum total of what ALL OF US make of it. No more, no less. So enjoy!

    And thanks from your friendly ADVrider Mods, JJ and GB. :D
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  3. johnjen

    johnjen I've Been Resigned

    Nov 28, 2001
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