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    I am writing regarding the new innovative Mk I RB holder. Its innovation lies on its removable cartridge (and shafts) and its unique magnetic transmission.

    We have done quite a lot of beta testing regarding Mk I but this has been done locally. We have tested in all the conditions possible in our area but we are now offering the chance for inmates to become test riders. We already have agreed to offer Mk I to some inmates for testing and once they have seen it we will proceed in building a relationship with these riders in order for us to test our current and future rally equipment.

    More on the latest info and details can be found here

    This ''Release Candidate'' testing will take place during summer and will continue to run even when the product comes out to public. We want to take all the possible precautions to get the best out if this device.

    We would like to get users testing Mk I, get some feedback, make some changes before we hit the shelves and continue getting feedback from these riders since we will be a couple of months ahead.

    The following information is needed:
    Consider sending us something like a racing CV. Races and events that you have completed in the past, future plans, the bike that you are currently using and the navigation equipment that you currently run. The more you explain about yourself the better it will be for us to understand how you will use the equipment, your needs etc so please do write up whatever you feel is relevant. We would appreciate all constructive feedback as we are on the very final development stage of this novel product.

    This information will be processed and we will come up with a team in mid July approximately. Inmates who have been informed about their participation do not need to reapply for that .

    Email at

    Sorry for the cross post - If I violated the ADVRider code of ethics - Feel free to take this post out.

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