Aussie hog pilot heads south

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    Nov 26, 2012
    G'day "inmates" - that will take a while to get used to - I have been up half the night since finding this site reading posts and ride reports, bloody excellent I have to say, some of the best stuff I have come across, positively inspirational.

    I am planning a ride from the US to Panama, where I am currently working, sometime in the next few months, dependent upon work commitments, so have been soaking up all the good info here, very much appreciate the way people go to so much trouble to document their experiences.

    My current ride back home is a Ducati 1098S, a fantastic bike and the latest in a long line of bikes, mainly sport oriented units, but lately I have been contemplating a change to a more sedate riding style, and a move to a hog. Being a rather large person I need a big bike to stretch out on, and since owning two Dukes I have been enamored with the V-twin thing. I did have a Sportster a long while back but have put that down to experience, not many good memories there, from miniscule fuel capacity to crap brakes and unreliable electrics, not to mention low power, uncomfortable seating and nowhere to carry gear. Some of that whingeing can be countered with "horses for courses" but nuff said, I will be looking at a new Dyna Fat Bob to do the next big ride.

    I do note that most posters here are Beemer riders, with a balance of Japper desert racer/enduro bikes, but hopefully there are some riders out there who have done this route on a big cruiser too.

    As much as I would like to see a few sights in Mexico my plan would be to get those miles done quickly, i.e. get down to Guatemala as quickly as possible, then cross over into Panama equally as expediently.

    I have seen quite a bit of Mexico and Central America, mainly through a backpacking trip 12 years ago, then later through working in the region so don't really want to play tourist this time around, on the other hand a few well-placed breaks will make the trip more enjoyable.

    So, I m looking for guidance for the most direct route to Guatemala through Mexico, then beyond to Panama. I haven't figured out where I will buy the bike yet, planning to shop around a bit by phone and internet to see who is offering the best deals, though proximity to a border crossing will probably be up there on the dealer leader board.

    To summarize my initial shortlist of info needed:

    1. Route - shortest most direct route from say Brownsville/Matamoros to Panama; (advice on alternative US border crossings definitely welcome, if you know a better one to start from)

    2. Insurance & registration requirements from US/Mexican authorities for transit thru Mexico and beyond;

    3. Border crossing tips - already read a stack of them here, thanks but anything you may have will be appreciated;

    4. Advice on possible rest stops with good security for the ride;

    There may be two of us on the trip but if that does not eventuate I will be doing it alone. Not planning to ride at night or in the rain, and too old to rough it so will be looking for decent beds, beers and brekky all the way.

    Once again thanks for all the great info so far, looking fwd to hearing more.

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    I was thinking that of all Harleys, the Fat Bob is the one to outfit for a ride like this. Easy to raise the suspension for topes, lots of other Dyna parts will bolt on such as larger tank and mid controls. It would be a report I would read as aI skip the usual GS/KLR etc ride reports.