Aussie taking on the USA solo

Discussion in 'Americas' started by El_Duderino, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Meriwether

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    Dec 18, 2012
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    Hi Dude,
    do you know when you start? Perhaps we might meet if we are in the vicinity.
    Last year I rode from Florida to Alaska via southern states and west coast. This June/July/August I ride from Alaska to Florida via northern states and east coast. I bought the bike in Florida, half price of Aussie price.
  2. jeff the chef

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    Mar 27, 2013
    lobethal south australia
    First let me say sorry for all the problems that you have had in your life. I am sure this trip would help ease some of the pain you have experienced.

    Now onto the traveling the U.S. I too live in Australia and am an American Citizen. I have done two tours of the states in the last six years, ridden over 45,000 km in the states and Canada and have been to all the states west of the Mississippi including Alaska.

    Before you start booking your trip are you aware that the U.S. government will only give you a three month tourist visa? It would be good if you could apply for an extended one before you book all your flights etc. My wife (girlfriend at the time) was rejected for an extended visa on our first trip over.

    Some of the highlights of our last trip had to be Moab area of Utah for off road riding. Arkansas for the scenery, great food and twisting roads, Wyoming for the national parks and Alaska for the beauty, isolation and some great adventure riding.

    Good luck with your trip and PM me if I could be of any help with your plans.
  3. 4PawsHacienda

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    Oct 20, 2008
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    The west has some fantastic riding and superb national and state parks. Look through the ride reports here and see what looks interesting. Blue Ridge Parkway and Crooked Road Music Trail are my personal backyard, good scenic riding without crowds.

    All the regions offer something so you can't go wrong. Concentrate on enjoying yourself.
  4. Ianuk

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    Jan 2, 2011
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    The only difference is I'm buying a house to rent out to help fund more of my travels. The last two years have been solid work. My reward is a months tour of the West Coast in September. With plans for the TAT and or the TCAT in 2015.

    What I did is pin a big map of the USA on the wall and mark it with all the places I'd like to see and visit.. Then just plan my route linking up all the dots. I'll post my route up closer to the time. Then make full use of the tent thread..

    I can't wait..!
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    El duderino I'm in northern Ohio, if your coming thru and need a place to sleep or work on your bike give me a call. Looking forward to the ride report.
  6. smj

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    Oct 15, 2010
    Hey El - you get to Colorado look me up. Drop me a PM and if you like - I can help you put some plans in place for this state (Colorado), and be happy to show you a few spots. I think we can even come up with a place to bunk if you need to get some work done, or just a day off for a little R&R. I know a bit about Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico... Been in all of them. Butler Maps puts out some great maps - look for the back country discovery routes for a mostly off pavement route that goes from southern Arizona to northern Wyoming. (I think they are working on Montana) Their standard map is great as well! Also look up information on our national forests... These are extensive, lots of places to camp for free. National Parks are not free. Be very, very, very careful with any fire you make. I suggest a stove as most places by the end of summer put fire bans in place. If we have a dry summer, the woods can be like tinder boxes! Anyway, drop me a PM if you wish to talk any details over. All 48 states in 1 year, maybe 49 states if you run up to Alaska - you will still be able to find spots on the map that you didn't have time to see... Cheers!
  7. ibgary

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    Oct 18, 2013
    Sounds like a great trip. I've traveled a lot in California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada & Colorado, which is where I now live. My must see short list is going north on the west side of the Sierra Nevada, Zion in south west Utah, Grand Escalate Staircase. If you get to Colorado send me a message. I can put you up and give you some local beer and a steak off the barbie.
    I spent about a week in Brisbane when ii was in the Navy. I was treated like a royalty.
    You'll love it. Get out of L.A. quickly a safely.:rofl
  8. dogtiredRAT

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    May 16, 2010
    rural Oz.
    PM sent.
  9. TheProphet

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    Mar 7, 2014
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    Talk to Dogtired. He just did a "round da' USA" trip and will have mucho tips, advice, etc.

    Plenty of good folks coast to coast that'll help you out.:D
  10. FBR

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    Sounds like you are in for a well deserved, but fantastic trip!
    The Great Lakes are a must see. If you are in the WI area I would be happy to show you around, and have a shed full of tools if you need to do any bike work.
  11. dogtiredRAT

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    May 16, 2010
    rural Oz.
    Fine single malt scotch.
    Carry a bottle of it at all times, two reasons, firstly, snakebite, and secondly... if you have a really good bottle of scotch, you are never alone, there is always some like minded individual to help you drink it, and even if you can't find someone, (never happened to me...) you still have the scotch to drink.

    It is one hell of an ice breaker when you walk into another travellers campsite. :freaky

    Oh, and get a hip flask too, and carry it at all times for "emergencies".

    And for the love of all things good, stick some masking tape where it is in your vision on your bike and write something like: -
    "-> -> ->STAY RIGHT -> -> ->"
    I spent way way too long headed straight at a Silverado one day wondering just what the fuck he was doing coming straight at me on my side of the road...

    And expect to have some close calls walking across the road, seriously, this is the most dangerous thing I did over there. Had two very close calls.
    The bloody cars come at you from the wrong direction!

    And being an Aussie, there are certain standards you must uphold, for example, after a hard night stealth camping, find the largest flashest motel you can and park directly at the front door, go straight in like you own the place and sit yourself down for a large breakfast in the dining area,

    I also recommend a diet low in fibre and high in cheese for many miles of uninterupted travel.
    While I am on the subject... carry dunny roll with you all the time.
    How does a country with the greatest number of fat arses have the worst toilet paper I have ever encountered? Seriously, 2 and a half inches wide, 3 microns thick, locked in some tamper proof bloody toilet roll holder that dispenses approximately 2 inches of paper at a time...

    And if your hankering for a decent burger... you won't get one over there, go to a burger place with a salad bar, and then you can dress it up with lettuce, tomato and beetroot.
    I tried to teach them the gentle art of frying onions for the burger, but I may as well have been talking Swahili.

  12. High Country Herb

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    Ask for onion rings if you like them battered. Otherwise we call them sauteed. You could also order a "patty melt" which will come on rye bread with cooked onions, then just add the fixin's.

    I know where to find some great burgers around here. Feel free to PM me if you're in Northern California.
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    Good burger and brew.

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    Mar 30, 2014

    dont sweat the gun thing. get off the interstate and stick with the old highway system. don't well find what is unique to the city you visit. new york pizza, seattle hot dog ect. and fuck everything behind you and enjoy what is head of you.... "don't focus on how far you have to go. but how far you have come" enjoy your walkabout


    -kevin in seattle